Penthouse, as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich

In the words of one of our own, Russian satirists to the question: “Where do you live?” – “In the penthouse!” – “What the penthouse? In the attic you live like Carlson. “And although in this dialogue more present humorous notes, but there are quite some truth. After all, by definition, modern penthouse, just a technical attic adapted to accommodate household or office space.

Penthouse as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich 2

Although in his later years in the big cities, in which the question was particularly acute housing, penthouses converted for residential purposes in which, as a rule, not the living categories of citizens. However, times have changed and today the concept penthouse a slightly different nature, and of refuge for the poor, modern apartments are converted into luxury housing available only to wealthy clients. And this metamorphosis is related, according to experts with a completely objective prerequisites.

Penthouse as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich 3

After all, many of the private life of the nouveau riche and the oligarchs are under constant sight of a huge number of photos and cinema lenses numerous paparazzi hunters juicy details from the lives of the great of this world. Another no less important point conversion “technical attics” and roofs of apartment buildings, according to many experts, is to provide reliable security the same nouveau riche and the oligarchs. With this in mind, reinforced glass set is not necessarily, and from getting released from the same MANPADS, armored glass just does not help.

Penthouse as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich 4

However, aside from these few moments everything prosaic modern penthouse, it is the best, modern penthouse gives space for creative daring any designer, because on the roof, so much space that can accommodate not only a helipad and a small pool, but the original design of the housing. Thus, in particular, the toilet developed one of the architectural studio Hernandez Silva Arquitectos in Mexico, just affects not only the imagination, but unsullied any flight of fancy.

Penthouse as an element of self-expression or fad of the rich 5

The toilet is located in the elevator shaft at a height of fifteen-house a little more than the height of 45 meters. But the main “highlight” of this project is to have a glass floor that allows in the administration of natural needs or morning exercise and the beauty underfoot razverzsheysya 45 meters deep. I do not know how anyone, but, according to the same paparazzi owners of this miracle, this know-how, they even like it.

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