Road deaths in Bolivia is a huge slope North Yungas Road

One of the oldest roads – a road North Yungas Road, located in the province of Yungas in Bolivia. This highway is also known as «the road of death». It connects Coroico and La Paz. The length of the road is about 70 km. The most dangerous road, this is considered to be not in vain. During the year, there is split at least 25 cars, the number of victims in this case from 100 to 200 road accidents occur about once every two weeks. This is not surprising.

Road deaths in Bolivia is a huge slope North Yungas Road 2

The fact is that the road death is a huge descent of 3.6 km high. The main road of the rule of the road – the driver, who must hold down the outer edge. At the same time, the priority right is for the driver to climb the mountain. «Road of Death» is very narrow and there are places in which one and the car is put to work. And it should be noted though, that the main transport on this mountain road, cars are trucks and buses.

Road deaths in Bolivia is a huge slope North Yungas Road 3

Some machines, by the way, even forced, as it were, «to hang» half a wheel over the chasm to get to the goal. However, the danger here is not just a road. Another enemy of motorists – is the weather. The temperature in the area is 6-11 degrees, which is why the road almost all year round is very slippery. It is particularly interesting that the asphalt can be found only at the beginning of the road – literally the first twenty kilometers, and then the road, in fact, is a mixture of clay and mud.

Road deaths in Bolivia is a huge slope North Yungas Road 4

In this area most of the time rather obscure and the highway very badly seen, so cars have to move very slowly, and it’s not the fear of encounter with the other cars, but rather, in the landslides that there are quite commonplace.

Road deaths in Bolivia is a huge slope North Yungas Road 5

This road was named in 1999 after the fall into the abyss here the car in which eight tourists were. However, in 1983 there occurred a terrible catastrophe in which more than a hundred people were killed. That is the tragedy and is considered the worst in the history of «the road of death».

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