Mansion de L’Amitie

Mansion de L’Amitie, which translates as Friendship was built in 1990. It is in an excellent location on the Atlantic coast. More than 7000 m2 has a common area of the house, and it is located on a plot of 2.5 hectares.

Mansion de LAmitie 2

The first owner of the house was Health Minister Abe Gosman. After his bankruptcy mansion became famous businessman Donald Trump, thanks to him, de L’Amitie entered the list of the most expensive homes. Probably the house was originally bought for resale, as after the house was finished redecorating, Donald Trump sold his Russian businessman, the owner of a controlling stake in the company «Uralkali» Dmitry Rybolovlev. It acquired the mansion in 2008 for $ 100 million.

Mansion de LAmitie 3

Mansion de L’Amitie in the style of the so-called French Regency, design is very sophisticated and thoroughly thought through. There are 15 bedrooms, 15 full bathrooms and a half-baths in the amount of 8 pieces. In the mansion there was a place for his own dance hall, a theater, a special pool for swimming a length of 30 meters.

Mansion de LAmitie 4

Private swimming pool is located directly in front of the facade of the building. But what particularly attracts attention is that attached to the mansion 140 meters of the ocean coast. The territory of the mansion is also very thought. There is an indoor tennis court, for the fans to warm up. Guests also a separate cottage.

Mansion de LAmitie 5

The important point is the safety of the house owners. From unwanted intrusions House defends special system of control and surveillance, which is considered the most reliable. It is believed that the de L’Amitie very good buy and its price is gradually increasing, so that in addition to the elegant homes Dmitry Rybolovlev could very well invest their funds.

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