One more Erich-von-Däniken discovery

Thanks to the activities of a famous writer, producer and ufologist Erich-von-Däniken, the whole world learned about a Naska plateau with its amazing drawings, probably made by aliens. However, absolutely inexplicable is the fact that only in 30 km far from Naska plateau there was one more similar place, which was unknown for the whole civilized world.

One more Erich-von-Däniken discovery 2

Additionally, according to von-Däniken, the plateau Pampa-Palma (Palpa plateau) is a unique thing, even more unique than its famous congener in the Naska desert. In the Naska you may find only one image of a creature «astronaut», but Palpa has several dozens of antropomorphous geoglyphs of different sizes and details.

One more Erich-von-Däniken discovery 3

Not less important peculiarity of these images is their geometrical accuracy in lines and proportions. Particularly it concerns the image of a star that is actually so-called «mandala» in a greater degree. It consists of three regular circles, two small ones and a big one that are connected by straight lines to a big composition that represents a huge image on the whole. The star has 16 rays, on the top of an each ray one may find a round hole; a chain of small circles consists also of the same holes, but an unbroken line.

One more Erich-von-Däniken discovery 4

The thing that is even more surprising is that Pampa-Palma has a composition, ending with an image of a head with two big horns and a serpentine snake under it. The uniqueness of this composition is that this image may be seen only in a former Inkas capital Cuzco, where a lot of stone constructions are marked by this image.

One more Erich-von-Däniken discovery 5

So, if you have a desire and financial opportunity to take up this fascinating activity – studying the mysteries of Pampa-Palma, you may get a visa of this country and take a plane to Lima (Peru capital) from the USA, then you may reach Cuzco, Arequipa or Iquitos and it’s a stone throw to Pampa-Palma.

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