The victory of nature or, as the island has disappeared Holland

Holland Island – a striking proof of the fact that in the world there is nothing eternal. Just over ten years more prosperous island that inhabit boaters with farmers, has become a pathetic reminder in the form of small patches of land in the sea. Now is difficult to believe that at one time there were houses, shops, school, post office, church and even the local team for the game of baseball. How could this have happened?

The victory of nature or as the island has disappeared Holland 2

At first glance it may seem that there is not complete without mysticism, but everything has an explanation of scientific research. In addition, the island disappeared Holland contributed to processes in which the lowering of the land took place in a natural way, as well as increasing the water in the bay. Residents of the island have made every effort to make every effort to save his island. They tried to build a wall along the bank of stone, immersed obsolete boats into the water, but their methods and equipment were simply powerless against the phenomena of erosion, under which left more clay and silt.

The victory of nature or as the island has disappeared Holland 3

Some residents left their homes at once when packing in a suitcase. And those who still placed his hopes, forced to collect their belongings storm in the tropics, which in August 1918 destroyed the church building, put an end to the existence of the island. Building one after another dive under water, leaving behind a small memories. Miracle could only remain whole only home after a certain period of time would be a circle of salvation for the island.

The victory of nature or as the island has disappeared Holland 4

In 1995, a former resident of the island, which at the time was on the post of Minister Stephen White, acquiring this same house for seventy thousand dollars, I thought that this would be the initial action on the road to recovery Holland. In the course of the next fifteen years, he has expended more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars to create the shoreline.

The victory of nature or as the island has disappeared Holland 5

Embezzlement forces of Mr. White, unfortunately, turned out in vain. In October 2010, nature is not the first time been able to prove the omission of people in front of her abilities, destroying the last house on the island. The last words were for increasing the water level, which just a few months fully covered Holland.

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