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Attractions America

Coral Castle, megalithic mystery remained a mystery

Coral Castle is located in California. The castle includes a huge megaliths: the statue and the tower. The weight of all columns exceeds one ton. Here you can see various buildings, thick stone walls, pieces of stone, resembling a month, a table, resembling a heart. Stone in a month, always points to the North Star.

Leptis Magna – an abandoned ancient city

Located this amazing city about 130 km from Tripoli, on the Mediterranean coast. The city was founded by the Phoenicians around 1000 BC It was then, Leptis Magna became a major port city of this place, because the Phoenicians were great navigators and traders and, consequently, the city grew and prospered. After 400 years, the

The unique building of the Sears Tower in Chicago

Building Sears Tower was built in 1974 and at that time it was the tallest building. By that time, as the Sears Tower was built, the building has surpassed not only the famous World Trade Center, which was located in New York, but also other, less well-known skyscrapers. More than twenty years, the building was

Hotel The Mansion at MGM Grand in the heart of Las Vegas

At the moment, the hotel The Mansion at MGM Grand was the most famous because it is located in the heart of Las Vegas. If you compare it to other hotels, then there is no simple and cheap rooms, that is, it is only the elite and expensive rooms. For example, the cheapest room, which

The longest street of Yonge Street

Yonge Street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest street in the world. Located this street-record holder in Canada, in Toronto. No street is not able to compete with it in the world, because the slowness of Yonge Street is about 1,900 km. Start taking this street in the city center,

Lombard Street: the most winding street in the world

Every year many thousands of tourists specially come to this place, to see with their own eyes the most winding street in the world. City of San Francisco, located in California, built on the numerous and very steep hills. Of course, this tour is much better known to local residents themselves, but to fully enjoy

Barbados capital for Roma

Barbados is famous for its history, in particular by pirates who looted and plundered many pubs. Everything happened for the simple reason that, as then, so now Barbados is a unique and exclusive place where quality and manufactured only real rum. Rum, a calling card of the island, in those days, and still. What do

Ancient park Mesa Verde

America has always surprised its attractions. There is a unique park in America, called the Mesa Verde. The interesting thing about this park is that it is more than 4,000 not just historical sites and prehistoric sites. These objects belong to the ancestors of the Anasazi, a prehistoric Native American culture. To have survived some

City Island Mexcaltita

Visiting Mexico, you can get a lot of pleasure from the experience obtained. Here and wonderful nature and unique monuments of culture and architecture. There is also a special place. For example, a small city Mexcaltitan. It belongs administratively to the state of Nayarit, the municipality of Santiago Iskuintla and is located on the island.