Attractions America

Attractions America

Sights of America

America is generous with natural miracles, mysteries and riddles. Everyone knows the main attraction of America - the Mayan pyramids in Mexico, but it's worth looking around, visiting different parts of the continents and making sure that there are many other interesting American attractions in the North and South.

Natural Attractions of America

Alaska always attracts tourists. The state, which is located in the north, is particularly beautiful in May. Here you can see stunning scenery, and, of course, a polar day. It is through this state that a large number of routes pass through America. In general, it is very difficult to choose the places that are the most beautiful, but we will try to cope with it. The sights of America are so diverse that there is no point in comparing them. Of natural attractions, it is worth highlighting the Lake District. This is a place where a large number of lakes stretch along the border. If you have, it's a question of water attractions, then you should not ignore Niagara Falls. Noise from him reaches as much as 100 km. Or, for example, Lake Titicaca in Peru.

America's landmarks photo of natural wonders

The light of the whole planet can be called the forests of America. They are preserved near the Amazon, and are beautiful because their civilization has not touched them. What they are - America's attractions - a photo can show all the beauty of these places. By the way, speaking about the Amazon, it is the most full-flowing river in the world. In America you can see a large number of different reserves and parks. They do not resemble each other, because each has its own peculiarity. The most popular is the Yellowstone National Park. Here you can see a beautiful lake, which looks amazing.

Attractions of South America

In South America, most of the untouched forests, rare animals that are preserved only in these places, because the civilization reached here much later than in other protected corners of our world. We do not forget that in South America there is a carnival, which everyone dreams to see. The greatest monument here is the statue of Christ the Savior, which is located in the venue of the carnival - Rio de Janeiro. Attractions of South America will surprise with its natural beauty, while the sights of North America will shake with its originality. It is here, on the hill, are carved four US President, as well as the Statue of Liberty. Do not forget about the sights of Latin America, because there, too, has something to see. Start your journey today with the portal about tourism and leisure Set-Travel.

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