Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture

Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture

Today the island of Santorini - is one of the most romantic places in the world and a popular resort. He is shrouded in legends and even there is speculation that it was Santorini is the very mysterious Atlantis, which for so many centuries, scientists are looking for. Attracts the attention of not only the island, but also the legendary volcano, which destroyed its explosion Aegean civilization.

Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture 2

Eruption of Santorini was three and a half thousand years ago and is the largest in the history of the Earth. Santorini Island - an ancient center of civilization of that time. He lived peoples of the sea even in V-IV millennium BC. e. in the III millennium it was of great importance as a trading center, there was formed the Minoan culture.

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But, about 1647 -1628 years BC here disaster struck. Santorini volcano exploded. Santorini - a volcanic island. During the explosion, the atmosphere was thrown about 60 cubic kilometers of magma. In the middle of the island a void into which he fell. Caldera is about 10 km. It hit the water of the Aegean Sea, which completed the destruction. There was an explosion, tsunami, formed as a result, has bypassed all the Aegean Sea, sweeping away everything in its path. Crete at one point lost its merchant fleet and ports. A cloud of dust covered the fields, pastures, and for many months cover the sun. People for centuries have left the island. bungalows on the island of Crete

Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture 4

Today Santorini is part of the Cyclades islands. This five relatively large islands: Thira, Palea Kameni, Nea Kameni, Thirasia and Aspron, this includes several small islands, rocks, they represent a ring around a central lagoon.

Santorini volcano or the end of the Minoan culture 5

The culprit of the tragedy, the legendary volcano, dormant at a depth of 1000 meters in the area of the island Nea Kameni. Today it is possible to see and even to stand near the vents. Betray the presence of a thin stream of hydrogen sulfide volcano. How long will it sleep, no one knows the last time he woke up in January 1950.

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