Incredible Mexico City

Already flying over the borders of the world’s 12th largest metropolitan area on an airplane, the spirit of a traveler intercepts, not so much from the height on which the capital of Mexico is located and, incidentally, is more than 2 km above sea level, and because of the diversity nature and types of development

Holidays in the USA

America has always attracted a huge number of tourists, which is not surprising, because in every state you can find for yourself something interesting and truly fascinating. Of course, going on vacation in the US is more difficult and more expensive than in any European country, but, for example, who does not dream to go

United States California

A lot of salt lakes are located in the territories of many countries of the world, but among them Mono Lake, which is the state of California in the United States, can be identified in a special place. Natural sculptures of Lake Mono, USA California State The amazing salt lake of Mono, located in the

Temple of Mormon San Diego and other American sights

In the middle of the last century, San Diego entered the list of “Sights of America” for the simple reason that it was the most southern city of the North American continent, which is located just twenty minutes by city tram to the state border with Mexico. However, this is not the most remarkable feature

Museum of money

Let’s talk about the Museum of Money … For many of us who grew up under the value system that was formed in the era of the so-called “developed socialism” it is rather difficult to imagine what constitutes an institution such as the “Federal Reserve Bank”. Chicago Museum of Money – what’s interesting? However, without


Getting acquainted with all sorts of interesting places around the world, it is impossible to ignore the ancient Stonehenge, which is located 130 km southwest of London. But this is in England. In turn, the Americans created Karhenj, a kind of English megaliths, only with the amendment to modernity. Karhenj – the pain of loss

The Titanic Museum

Nobody likes to get into a shipwreck himself. But everyone likes to collect the remains after the shipwrecks, to recreate their paintings. Especially if it, this shipwreck, is famous. Do you know the more famous shipwreck than the death of the steamer Titanic in 1912? And it is this event dedicated to the Titanic Museum

Arches Park

One of the unique creations of nature, located in Utah (USA) is the Arka Park. Here there are more than 200 thousand miraculous arches created by nature itself. Arch Park – facts and figures The American State of Utah probably contains America’s most amazing sights and the Arka National Park – one of the most

Big Bureau or a new look at travel to the USA

The American town, which is known to the world, as High Point in North Carolina rightfully deserves the title of “the capital of furniture in the world.” Chest of the Big Bureau on a trip to the USA This is due primarily to the fact that in this locality, the main type of industry is