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Although the American continent is far from us, but each of us, simply dreams that the journeys through America are still waiting for us. And if you consider what the travel in America has to offer, and this is from the same Disneyland and the Grand Canyon to the skyscrapers of New York and the Las Vegas casino. So, in view of this, rest in America for any of us will be simply unforgettable. And for what would you, it was easier to understand this cycle of impressions, articles about America, with the news of tourism and travel in America, will be a permanent rubric of our Internet site Set-travel.

Hotels in America

However, it should be remembered that America has several other values that we are used to at home or in Europe. At the same time, values ​​should be understood both in a direct and figurative sense, because the same hotels in America, even the most economical options for the price of a room at night bite a bit. And this is not the latest news in America, which our authors learned after visiting the US.

Tourism in America

However, in addition to the presence of certain difficulties, tourism in America, and this is America's hotels and fast food, a trip to America can be accomplished with the famous "hitchhiking". In this regard, many drivers will take you almost in vain for what you could see in many countries of America, because in the same Canada you can get there simply without any visa document.

It should be noted that some authors of our site Set-travel, who themselves have visited such a country as America write their travel notes and share their impressions about this amazing country. And if you have any interesting information on a topic like tourism in America, write to us, post your photos of America.

Country America

Of those who first came to a country such as America, the first thing that strikes this abundance of various cars, which are simply asked in the rubric of our site Set-travel "Photo of America." At the same time, despite the fact that we at home have somehow got used to the abundance of foreign cars in our homeland, here in America these four-wheeled "monsters" rushing along the ideal "highways" are simply amazing.

At the same time, if you travel by America by car or by comfortable bus, then you will feel another admiration from such a country as America, here on these high-speed roads. Where the same, the 1974 Ford Mustang you saw or the real, sparkling nickel "Harley-Davidson" do not leave you indifferent for many years.

Holidays in America

And if you are a little tired of the cityscapes of New York or the same Las Vegas and wanted to relax a little quietly in the sun, then rest in America, in the same Miami, you are simply guaranteed. After all, the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and snow-white sandy beaches are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent, even if before that you saw other countries of America with more impressive beaches and oceans.

It should be noted that according to some authors of our Internet site Set-travel, who visited the United States, believe that rest on Miami Beach, it turns out not at all more expensive than to spend the same season on the Black Sea coast in Sochi or Yalta. After all, the same American hotels in Miami are available for every taste and size of the American, tourist budget.

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