Travel around America

Although American continent is very far from us, we all have a dream about travel around America someday. Travel in America can offer you a lot to visit, from Disneyland and the Grand Canyon to skyscrapers of New York City and Las Vegas casinos.  That is why the rest in America will be memorable for everybody. And for easier understanding of this impressions cycle, articles about America with news of tourism and travel in America will be a permanent section of our website Set-travel.

Hotels in America

However you should remember that America has a bit different values to which we are accustomed at home or in Europe. Thus, values must be understood both literally and figuratively, because hotels in America, even the most economical variant have high price per night for the room. And it's not the latest news in America that our authors have learned, having been in the United States.

Tourism in America

However, besides having some difficulties, tourism in America with its hotels and fast food meals, travel around America can be realized by the famous "hitchhiking". Within this framework, many drivers will take you almost free for you could see many of countries of America because you can visit Canada easily without getting a visa documents. 

There are some authors on our website Set-travel, who have visited America, writing their travel notes, and sharing their impressions about this wonderful country. And if you have any interesting information about tourism in America write us and post your photos of America.


For those, who came in America first time, the first thing that strikes is the abundance of different cars, which must be on our website Set-travel in section «Fotos of America». And even if we got used to the abundance of cars at homeland, here in America these four-wheeled "monsters", rushing on the "highway" are staggering.

If you travel around America by car or comfortable bus, another delight from America you will experience here, on these high-speed roads. There you can see «Ford Mustang» of 1974 production or real «Harley-Davidson»,   shining by nickel, which you will remember for many years.

Rest in America

And if you are little tired from cityscapes of New York or Las Vegas and want to relax a bit on the sun, then rest in America, in Miami is waiting for you. Warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and white sandy beaches don’t leave indifferent anyone, even if you've seen other countries of America with more spectacular beaches and oceans.

According to some authors of our websites Set-travel, visited the United States, believe that rest on Miami Beach costs no more than a season on the Black Sea in Sochi or Yalta. Because there are hotels of America, in Miami, available for every taste and size of American, tourist budget.

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