Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world

Sometimes you want to go somewhere, where nobody can find you, to escape from the city fuss and work and just relax in solitude. The List of Top-10 hotels presents you the hotels where you can stay on your own.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 1

1. Petit St. Vincent (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines)
The advantage of this hotel is that it's the only building on the remote island of the Caribbean. Here you can have a good rest, scuba dive or play golf.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 2

2. The Garvault Hotel (Scotland)
This hotel is considered to be the most distant place from civilization, where you can rest. Here you can become a guest of the hotel and get a respite from the noisy companies. The distance to civilization is about 40 kilometers and to the nearest shop – 70 kilometers, but it doesn't stop tourists.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 3

3. Hotel de Larache (Atacama, Chile)
The hotel is located at an altitude of about 2500 kilometers, near the town of San Pedro. Everything is surrounded by the mountains here and although it takes some time to get used to the climate, the tourists visit the hotel to relax and to unite with nature.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 4

4. Djupavik Hotel (Dyupavik, Iceland)
The hotel is situated in the building of women's dormitory of fish processing plant. After the plant had been closed, it was rebuilt into a cozy hotel. Here you can not only spend some time on your own, but also to enjoy many kinds of entertainment, e.g. waterfall hiking.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 5

5. Hotellerie de Mascognaz (Mascognaz, Italy)
Although the hotel is located in a densely-populated city, the owners of the hotel guarantee you, that you won't be disturbed. One can reach the hotel only by helicopter on foot, so the price will be corresponding.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 6

6. Wasdale Head Inn (Vasdeyl Head, England)
The hotel is located in the mountain village where you can easily find a place to stay in private. One of the main sights here is a small church, made of planks of the Viking ship. The visitor will be also amazed by the fantastic scenery. Here you may feel like an inhabitant of a forsaken island, because the rooms are not equipped with a telephone and TV.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 7

7. Whare Kea Lodge & Chalet (New Zealand)
New Zealand is not a densely-populated country. The hotel is surrounded by the mountain ranged, covered with lakes. There're only 6 rooms with big windows, which give you an opportunity to be alone with nature and to enjoy the scenery.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 8

8. Puyuhuapi Lodge & Spa (Chile)
The hotel guarantees you an absolute privacy and absence of the things, which the citizens of megalopolis are accustomed to. There's neither TV nor phone, nevertheless San Rafael perfectly substitutes all these things. It will take you 7 hours to reach this glacier.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 9

9. Colonsay Hotel (island of Colonsay, Scotland)
Due to its location, you can reach the hotel by the ferry in about 2 hours or fly by a plane in 25 mins. After you paid only 85 pounds for the room, you can enjoy your privacy, because the population of the island is about 100 people. There's everything you need to feel yourself a part of the nature.

Top 10 most secluded hotels in the world 10

10. Refugios del Peru (Vinjak, Peru)
If you had enough courage to drive 170 kilometers from Lima and then to go 20 mins on foot, you can reach the hotel Refugios del Peru. It's situated among the deserted valleys and gray mountains. Despite the remoteness of the hotel, the quality of the service here is pretty high even for the European standards.

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