Top 10 best hotels in Golden Ring of Russia

Top 10 best hotels in Golden Ring of Russia Top 10 best hotels in Golden Ring of Russia

More than one year Golden Ring of Russia is the most famous place in the world. And they know about it, not only our tourists, but also foreign visitors. Previously, there was a big problem, which was to settle the tourists in the hotel, but in general to feed him. Now, we have decided to collect the top 10 hotels that we believe are not only delicious, but also comfort in all of Russia.

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1. Hotel Cathedral Sloboda. Although, if you think so, then the hotel is a place to call would be difficult, as it is more like a bungalow. There are thirteen houses small sizes, which have been renovated, but kept the old interior. As entertainment here you can ride horses, and, in winter, you can ride on a sled or, if you like mushrooms, go for them in the forest.

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2. Hotel Fortecia Rus. This is one thing, but a very large building. Plus a few small cottages, which are located on the banks of the Volga River. A special feature of the hotel complex is the fact that here the wonderful water treatments that are based on the healing water. Russian cuisine is also unique in that place. To find out all you need to visit this place.

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3. Sheremet'ev Park Hotel is located in Ivanovo. The hotel is not very large and, with just ten rooms. But the rooms were comfortable even for the pritenziynogo guest. The hotel is situated on the banks of the river gone. If you book a suite, you will have not only Wi-Fi, but also a jacuzzi. There is a restaurant that serves not only Russian cuisine, but also European, so please its guests the hotel can.

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4. Art Hotel. The hotel is located in the center of Pereslavl and at first glance reminds us of the estate of a noble man. The house can be rented as a whole or half of it. The food here is the hostess, who, by the way, perfectly draws. So if you want to also draw, the hostess is always at your service.

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5. In Suzdal hotel is Nicholas suburb. If you look at the finish, the hotel is unremarkable, but if you go inside, you will notice that the builders did their best. Since in the Russian spirit still those old times. There is also a sauna with Russian and European addition of a hot tub and a restaurant with excellent cuisine.

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6. Hotel Cherry Orchard, which is also in Suzdal. This is a rather large house in which there are eight very comfortable rooms. We can say that the name was chosen in honor of Chekhov. Visit this hotel dream of every person.

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7. Pushkarskaya Sloboda. The hotel is distinguished by its unique is that some of the rooms are made under the European standard, and some of the bottom of the wooden frame. And in these rooms can accommodate two people and five people. Also, there is a sauna with a swimming pool and some great restaurants with Russian cuisine

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8. Vladimir patio. There are several opinions of guests that this place is much cozier and more comfortable than the rest of the hotel Vladimir. Just in other hotels as guests say, it is very noisy and less comfortable. The cost of rooms in this hotel is from 2800 rubles.

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9. Hotel Myshkino farmstead, is, in the truest sense of the word, in a pine forest. And near the river Volga. This four large and comfortable buildings that have 36 rooms. One, that Chargeable you can use the TV, a boat boat and even bicycle. Maybe it's not like some people, but believe me, this comfort you will not see anywhere else.

Top 10 best hotels in Golden Ring of Russia 10

10. Shelestoff. Those who created this hotel, tried to make sure that the hotel was completely modern and not in the Russian tradition. They believe that some people do not like the only fully Russian hotels, you need something and European style to add, in the end. Here you will find all the necessary amenities for living.

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