Rest in july

Rest in july

If for a while to discard the purely financial aspects of the upcoming vacation and the related travel, the most decisive factors that can affect the holiday in July is, then this is the weather in one or another point of the globe where you are going to make a tourist trip.

Rest in July in Turkey where the sun shines warmly and brightly

Even if it is a tourist route full of the most vivid impressions or the same resort in Ibiza, but during your stay there will be inclement weather. In the form of the same pouring rain or medium strength of the storm, then with a great deal of certainty, you can say that no restaurant with a fireplace will not save you from disappointment. With this in mind, before deciding on the upcoming trip, look in the same Internet, and what kind of weather there is in July. So, before you answer the question, where to rest in July, it is worth paying attention to the external factors of the forthcoming trip.

So in particular, with a great deal of confidence, we can say that rest in July on the coast of Turkey is most favorable for active pastime on the beach and the water element of any of the four seas washing this paradise of the Planet. And all thanks to the fact that almost all of Turkey's coast is in the zone of the subtropical Mediterranean climate, where the average monthly temperature in July does not exceed 23-25 ​​degrees Celsius. At the same time, the presence of constantly blowing winds towards the continental part of the country brings on the coast air masses with high humidity, which perfectly suits the conditions to ensure a comfortable holiday at sea in July.

Turkish sun - be careful

However, despite this kind of favorable weather conditions for the next holiday on the Turkish coast, it should be remembered that July, this is already the middle of summer and solar activity in this region, is entering its most active phase. And if you came to rest with your child in July, then a very definite precaution is necessary here, while staying in the open sun.

In view of this, stay in the sun should be limited in the early morning and before lunchtime and then you can go to the beach after 17 pm. In addition, it is worth remembering that in July in Turkey, those who want to get a good tan and a lot of positive impressions choose to rest. And on this, the question of where to go in July can be considered closed.

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