Rest in august

Rest in august

Any tourist will tell you that rest in August, can be no worse than in other summer months. And even, on the contrary, in such countries as Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Bulgaria, rest can be even better than in June or July. Although, in some places the weather may not entirely accompany the sunbathing on the beach, but basically you will be waited by a magnificent holiday with a light sun and very warm sea water.

Countries where rest in August can only be a joy

As already mentioned above, in August you can visit many countries, where you will be met by magnificent beaches, warm sea and not so hot sun. Although here and there, it's not that hot anymore - like taking Egypt for example - here the temperature can safely stay at +40, or even higher. Therefore, before leaving, it is better to find out about the weather conditions of the country you are going to. Let's say rest in August, in Bulgaria it can become unforgettable for you. After all, here, on the magnificent beaches of the Black Sea coast, you will feel the fullness of a chic vacation. It is no coincidence that in August, Bulgaria has the peak of the beach season.

If you are interested in the question of where to rest in August under the hot sun, then here in the first place you can advise Greece. It is here that August is the hottest month. Therefore, if you do not know where to go in August under the hot sun, we advise you to collect a suitcase and fly to Greece. But at the same time know that there is also Egypt - here is also August, the hottest month, so choose the country and go on a trip.

Rest on the sea in August in Montenegro or Crimea

About Egypt talked about Greece, too, but it seems, they completely forgot about such truly unique places where rest on the sea in August will be a complete pleasure. Such places, of course, can be, Crimea and Montenegro. Speaking of Montenegro, this country differs significantly from all known, and to some extent even bitten by Egypt, Thailand and other countries. Here tourists are greeted by magnificent natural landscapes, from which only pictures to write, ecologically clean beaches, by the way, many of them UNESCO celebrated with blue flags.

As for the Crimea, those who visited Montenegro, the resorts of the Crimea may seem very familiar. There are also magnificent landscapes and excellent beaches, so here rest with your child in August, will be a pleasure for you and your child. It is especially good to feel how wonderful the holiday is in August, if you come to the resort at the beginning of the month.

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