Rest in may

Rest in may

The month of May is the penultimate step of spring on the way to a hot summer. Proceeding from this, those who have another vacation scheduled for the month of May, it is worth considering how to spend this amazing time. After all, rest in May is almost a unique opportunity to have a good rest and save a little money.

Rest in May with savings

It will not seem surprising, but it is during this period that you can spend your holidays in May not only with pleasure, but also saving a little money on this, which you can spend a bit more efficiently later than just paying a little more for the same air tickets or hotel accommodation. And the thing is that the month of May for most companies engaged in tourism business, this is the period when you need to slightly improve your financial situation after this offseason, which is the spring with its March and April month.

Pay attention, if you, when contacting this or that travel agency with a question, where to go in May, you immediately offer a lot of "burning" tourist tours, almost to any point of our Planet. And the presence of a "hot" voucher, at least guarantees minimum prices for almost all service services.

Holiday with a child in May at sea

It is worth noting that rest on the sea in May is not quite the right decision, if you are planning to plan your holiday on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea or the Krasnodar Territory. Here it is necessary to remember that by the month of May the water of both the Black Sea and the Sea of ​​Azov has not yet warmed up to the required temperature. And if in this plan you arrange water procedures in the hotel pool, with the sea heated water, then in principle everything is fine.

If you are going on holiday with a child in May, then the resorts of the Black Sea coast, clearly fall out. In this case, it is worth to allocate a little more money and go to the same Turkey or Egypt, where in May it is already quite warm, and the sea water warms up to the required conditions acceptable for short swings.

So, if you really wondered where to rest in May, then, without further ado, go to warmer countries, where apples and other exotic citrus fruits are warm and growing. And be sure that this May trip will be remembered for a long time.


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