Rest in march

Rest in march

According to the statistics of hydrometeorological services in most regions of our fatherland, March is a fairly unsuitable month for planning a holiday in March on the European part of our continent. After all, as a rule, March, as the first month of spring, is transitional and fraught with the variability of weather conditions passing from one extreme to the other.

Rest in March in the Maldives or the Seychelles

Increasing the air temperature to positive values ​​in just a few hours can lead to the presence of small frosts and snow falling. So, that the best option for recreation in this period is to collect the necessary amount and purchase a tourist tour to some foreign countries with a more stable spring weather.

Rest on the territories rendered by us in the title of this text is the most optimal option, how to organize a holiday in March. However, in this case, at least it is necessary to harmonize the possibilities of your family budget in terms of not only buying this tour, but also the opportunity to spend some more amount of foreign currency to purchase any, often unnecessary, stuff in the DUTY FREE trading system. And also get an opportunity to normally spend a holiday at sea, in March, riding on inflatable "bananas" towed by a boat or in the worst case to sit in a nearby restaurant for a cup of Brazilian coffee, which for some reason is several times more expensive than in our home- chantilly "Chamomile".

What to wear if the holiday in March

And if these organizational and financial difficulties are passed successfully and you have on hand, in addition to the long-awaited tourist voucher, there is also a Schengen visa, then you can quite safely start to collect the suitcase and pondering your wardrobe. After all, if you with a certain ease and healthy enthusiasm answered the question where to rest in March, then the question of what to take with you to the Maldives, most likely you will respond in the same spirit.

When working out its appearance on sandy beaches with a positive air temperature of not less than eighteen or twenty degrees Celsius, it is worth remembering. With light dresses, summer jeans with a T-shirt with the image of Comrade Che, is hardly suitable, for your transfer from the house to the airport, from the airport to the hotel and back along the same route.

When planning where to go in March, do not be deluded by the opportunity to minimize your wardrobe until the categorically summer version, sunglasses and baseball caps for the color of Adidas or Puma SE sneakers, at least you need to staff yourself with a transition period between winter and summer, then in the middle with its slush and possible precipitation. It should be remembered that if you are able to organize a holiday with a child in March, then this plan has a dual responsibility for you.

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