Rest in april

Rest in april

Oh, I still need a holiday in April! This is the first month of more less real heat, after the March slush and other weather disasters. He breathes in each of us a healthy sense of optimism and hope for a more successful next year, both in the field of his career growth, and more personal plans. And in this case it is worth considering how, more optimally, to organize your vacation in April.

Morocco or Holland: choose holidays in April

In principle, in terms of supporting the national manufacturer, you can rest in April in any domestic resort, and the money from the family budget saved on the same flights to Morocco or the Seychelles can be spent more optimally. And for peaceful purposes, buy your child a long-awaited bicycle or personal computer. At the same time, if they already have these, so necessary things, it is clearly not in excess in the home interior will be a new food processor from Siemens AG or the latest model of the same smartphone.

However, if all of the above things are not critical and long resolved, you can think about where to rest in April. And if there really is a desire to "pull away" in full, then, according to many experienced tourists, for example, Morocco and the Seychelles, with their sandy beaches and azure sea surface, this is not a place where a moderate extreme connects with a mass of pleasure.

Where to go in April

But to go on her birthday, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, this is really impressive. After all, April 21, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, celebrates her next birthday. And it is on this day that you personally will be able to contemplate the monarch of Great Britain when, traditionally, she travels around the Westminster Palace in a luxurious carriage and accompanied by horse guards and receives congratulations from numerous Londoners and guests of the capital.

At the same beer these days in the pubs of the capital is released with a pretty decent discount, and the owners of London hotels bill for accommodation at half the normal cost. So, what to go to in April to rest can be defined in this way.

We continue our vacation in April

In addition, if you liked this kind of celebration, then a holiday at sea in April, it is quite possible to replace a visit of a similar event, only in Holland, where a similar event will be celebrated by Elizabeth II, the Queen of the Netherlands, a few days later, on April 30th.

However, if you planned to organize such a holiday with your child in April, but with your child, something is not "grown together" because of school or university classes, all this can be repeated in June, when Queen Elizabeth II will have the second for the year of the name day. But this is a slightly different story.



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