Schengen visa for Italy

If you dream of visiting a beautiful country where a lot of cultural attractions are concentrated, then you need a Schengen visa to Italy. The main center of this beautiful country is Rome.

Why do you need a Schengen visa for a tourist in Italy?

Probably many do not even know the scale of the cultural heritage of this country. Schengen visa to Italy, allows the tourist to travel freely to cities and neighboring countries. However, we are more than sure that Italy itself is quite enough for tourism. If every day to visit two of the cultural attractions of Rome, you will not have enough and a year to visit all the preserved treasures. Of course, the city has the main monuments that are most popular and it is with them that you need to begin your acquaintance with the history of the ancient Empire.

As for the visa, you can go in two ways. Each of the ways is attractive and profitable in its own way. If you have money and you have a lot of time, then you should contact special companies that will issue a visa yourself. But if you have a desire to independently issue documents, then get ready for a large collection of all kinds of data and constant travel to various organizations.

What documents are required for obtaining a visa?

  • certificate of employment,
  • the original of the passport,
  • copy of the internal pages of the passport,
  • a photo,
  • signed and completed questionnaire,
  • a certificate from the bank on the status of the account.

The registration of documents is also accompanied by a mass of other nuances that are clarified at the time of preparation. In addition, additional data may be required. Therefore, if you want your trip to be more pleasant and cloudless, entrust all the training to specialists, and focus on the trip yourself. Rest in Europe has always enjoyed great popularity, in connection with which we advise at least once in my life, but to visit the cultural capitals of the world.

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