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Usually people are interested in travel or tourism news only at the moment of choosing a place where to go for a holiday. And the latest news of tourism can be found on our web site Set-travel with such sections as «Tourism news today» or «Main tourism news». So if today this topic is rather relevant for you read our Set-travel.

Particularly, in these sections our authors cover the latest travel news in lot of countries, and about the most interesting places in Russia. Speaking about this, the main news of tourism today presents such a trend as a significant increase of 4.6% in the yield of the global tourism business, as indicated by data from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), published this week. Also the latest tourism news say that one of the tourist trends this year are tours to Chernobyl NPP.

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After the accident in 2012, at the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima, the main tourism news in recent years have focused on a similar tragedy of Chernobyl NPP in 1986, near to abandoned city of Pripyat. Although, travels here are not safe, Ukraine tour operators have already registered the turn of people for 6months ahead, wishing to visit this area. And monitoring of this subject in mass media says that these tours were in trend «The news in world of tourism».

Also in the category of the latest news got the information about last week reduction up to 25-30% of tourist flow into the second capital of China, Hong Kong. A major factor of such failure is a significant deterioration of socio-political situation in this city-state.

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The team of authors of our site in its section "Travel News" continuously monitors economic situation in tourism business because this parameter affects on dynamics of this industry as a whole. So, in the latest news of tourism can get this socio-economic category

And in the main tourism news can get also analysis of the purchasing power of the national currency against to its global peers, because this factor has the greatest impact on the opportunity to visit one or another region of the world or our country.

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Unlike such media as radio, television or newspaper and magazine press, working with topic of the latest tourism news, hardly can create competition in efficiency to our internet resource Set-travel, working with same topic. 

And big achievement in it belongs to our writing team and our readers, who are truly interested in this topic and find in information space the most interesting in theme of travel news. Also there are lot of information on web site Set-travel, presented by our readers, who genuinely wants to share their impressions from seen in certain countries and the corners of our planet. 

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