Holidays with children: a family or a normal hotel

Traveling with children, most parents wonder: is it worth to pay increased attention to the choice of a family hotel, is it possible to do with an ordinary hotel. To make the right decision, it is necessary to decide for yourself with some nuances.

In which country and region are you traveling? This is important enough, as dictates the list of possible entertainment, the level of development of the hospitality industry, the specificity of local cuisine. If you plan to spend most of the time together, then the presence of a children’s club, a large playground or animators at the hotel is not necessary.

Holidays with children a family or a normal hotel 2

However, in the case when the spouses plan to devote some time to themselves (SPA, massage, etc.) or simply have the opportunity to retire, it is best to provide such additional conveniences as the presence of a babysitter, a children’s club, an indoor playground, and a children’s pool. The family hotel Pizhama and other comfortable hotels of this type offer an excellent balance of value and comfort.

If a country or a specific city, to which you are traveling, boasts a developed hotel infrastructure, then it will be quite easy to find a family-type hotel with a wide range of services. Much attention should be paid to the issue of food in the hotel. Little children or those who have certain food restrictions, need dietary nutrition. In this case, family hotels have a special children’s menu. In a normal hotel of good standard, parents can count on a maximum on a diet or vegetarian menu in addition to the standard. In some countries, local cuisine is not bad for children from three years old without problems with health.

Holidays with children a family or a normal hotel 3

How many days will your journey last? If the trip takes only a week, moreover taking into account the day of arrival and departure, then you are unlikely to actively use the additional services of a family hotel. However, a pre-program is of great importance.

What are the living expenses planned?

The view that family hotels belong exclusively to the category of 4-5 stars is erroneous. Find a decent family-type hotel can be and among three-star establishments. Mini-hotel Vasilievsky Island can serve as a very successful example. Moreover, individual features such as a playground, landscaped territory are sometimes present even in hotels with only two stars.

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