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There is no doubt that any travel is impossible without overnight accommodation whether it is an ordinary tent or hotel. Depending on the place where you go, there may be as the best hotels, belonging to one or the other hotels rating or regional competition “Top Hotels” according to some publications or tourism organization. However, there is the other, not official assessment of this type of tourist service among the users, for whom the number of “stars” of the hotel has no effect on the popularity of the hotel .

That’s why internet resource Set-travel offers to its readers the articles about hotels, in which our authors and travelers can describe the best hotels in some region or corner of the planet. Also there users can see which popular hotels offered by tour operators in different tours.

Hotels rating

Hotels rating has a big role for us in choosing of the hotel. And, as a rule, we estimate the hotels rating by the numbers of  “stars” located in its certificate.

However, such estimation doesn’t reflect on compliance with this assessment of the hotel. Because quite often, the appropriation of these assessments and awarded the title “Top Hotels” is subjective and significantly corrected from one region to another.  So, choosing a hotel, read the articles about hotels in specialized travel publications.

Best hotels

Paradoxically, but determine the best hotels is problematic, because the rating of hotels has a rather controversial list of requirements that defines the top hotels by one or another version of organizer of this top.  That’s why, as many publications, devoted to tourism, Set-travel recommends determining popular hotels in one or another region based on travelers’ experiences who can really estimate the hotel by its service and comfort. And for this purpose you should view the articles about hotels in mass media, specializing in that subject and also on web site Set-travel.

House-shell on the island of Isla Mujeres

Fads of talented people are often difficult to understand, not to mention the motivation of one or another of their actions. At the same time, the situation is aggravated if this person is quite rich. Perhaps the house-shell of the Mexican artist-surrealist Octavio Ocampo is exactly this case. Conch Shell House or Shell House The

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How to choose a hotel in Moscow?

Moscow is the largest metropolis in the world, which is not a secret for anyone. In any case, you need to choose a hotel that would provide not only comfortable accommodation for the time of arrival in the city, but would also be affordable. Every minute thousands of people, not only from Russia, come to

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Features of living in modern hostels

Modern hostels, which are very popular all over the world today, provide customers with the highest quality of accommodation. In such establishments there are always rooms with beautiful balconies and comfortable bathrooms. Each hostel has a reception desk that works around the clock without breaks, and as for the rest, it can be done in

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Club cottage village “Kingdom-Kingdom”

If you want to have a good time and have a rest from the heart, then by all means come to the cottage village called “Kingdom Kingdom”. Here are rented luxury apartments, not only for a small, but for a long time. Here it will be comfortable and cozy to relax both in summer and

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The oldest hotels

Not so long ago, a study was conducted, which made it possible to identify the oldest hotels in Russia and the world. Today hotel business is booming, and hotels have become much larger, including mini-hotels on the Petrograd side, but there are also many places with centuries-old traditions that have seen in their time many

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Hotel Mar Le Mar

Going to rest in Crimea, first of all, it is worthwhile to worry about living in a good hotel, so that all conditions for a good rest were created there. An excellent place is the hotel Mar Le Mar. It is located directly on the sea coast, in the western part of the Crimea. What

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Holidays with children: a family or a normal hotel

Traveling with children, most parents wonder: is it worth to pay increased attention to the choice of a family hotel, is it possible to do with an ordinary hotel. To make the right decision, it is necessary to decide for yourself with some nuances. In which country and region are you traveling? This is important

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Foster + Partners had built Me Hotel, new hotel in London

One of the most leading architectural worldwide company Foster+Partners has opened the doors of its new hotel in London. In Me Hotel, located in the heart of West End, everything from facings of the building till sanitary ware belongs to brand. Modern hotel design is perfectly matches an exterior of the building which adjoins to

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Hotel The Ritz-Carlton Abu Dhabi

In the capital of the United Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi – Surrounded by landscaped gardens and its own private beach opens new hotel The Ritz-Carlton. This complex – the brainchild of the international company The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, LLC and the business group Abu Dhabi National Hotels. The hotel is located on 54 acres

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