Monuments Europe

Monuments Europe

Monuments of Europe

If for you the theme of "historical monuments of Europe" is really interesting then, before going on this or that journey on this ancient continent, it is probably a little immersed in the mass of guidebooks. In them, of course, you will find a lot of cognitive, dedicated to European culture. But we would advise you a slightly different way. Look at the information on our website, I'm sure you will find a lot of useful information for yourself.

Monuments of Europe and its artifacts - what to choose

By and large, if you really prefer to wander among the silence of museums or masterpieces of architecture, rather than simply basking in the sandy beach of the French Riviera or Spain, then in this case you have a fairly rich choice, because the monuments of Europe - this is Europe itself with its diversity of cultures and national characteristics.

Take at least those cultural monuments of Europe, which are located in Greece or Italy, then at least a cursory examination of everything that is located in the same Rome, just not enough is not enough for your short vacation, but, perhaps, half of the conscious part of life. In fact, for example, the ruins of the Colosseum or the Acropolis of Athens can be considered for hours. And if you're lucky, and you got a fairly advanced Russian-speaking guide, thoroughly knowing the history of countries and these monuments of architecture in Europe, it simply does not lend itself to comment.

And if you take advantage of the Schengen visa and get on a comfortable bus, then you can be in almost hours in the heart of the continent - Paris. And believe me, your triumph will simply not be enough emotions to express, overwhelmed feelings. After climbing just a few dozen euros to the very top of the Eiffel Tower, you will see not only the whole of Paris, but ... somewhere throughout Europe.

Be careful with emotions

However, according to many travelers who are more or less interested in such a topic as the cultural monuments of Europe, it is worth remembering that the excessive emotional perception of everything seen can have several negative consequences. Basically, this applies to that part of any trip, when you have to come back. And here, behind the closing doors of a train or the same plane, ends with a "fairy tale" and after a while the same gray routine comes from which we with such self-forgetfulness tried to escape. And here is the familiar door of the native porch, the elevator and we are already at home. But one thing pleases - you already know exactly where you will spend your next vacation ...

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