La Valletta is the capital with a long history

La Valletta is the capital with a long history La Valletta is the capital with a long history

La-Valletta, or as it is often called, Valleta, Malta became the capital after it gained independence. It is a city with many historic buildings that have been preserved since the 16th century. Located in the capital of the north-east of the island.

La Valletta is the capital with a long history 2

La-Valletta was not originally planned as a city of palaces and places of interest. The fortified town is his main purpose. On the rocky peninsula are two ports that needed protection. Palaces and churches that adorn the city, appeared later. City received its name in honor of the founder.

La Valletta is the capital with a long history 3

It is believed that the first building in the city was the church of Our Lady of Victory, it built the first stone laid. Later the building was erected so-called «Auberge», which actually is the headquarters of the different ethnic groups. All the space in La-Valletta was gradually occupied buildings.

La Valletta is the capital with a long history 4

Since the city of La-Valletta is located in a small area, the space is very much appreciated. All buildings and structures find their destiny and actively used. In order to somehow relieve the city of the ministries transferred from Valletta. Diplomatic missions and left the capital, an exception was made only for the Order of Malta.

La Valletta is the capital with a long history 5

It is worth noting that the tourists who wish to visit this city will find here a lot of interesting. Fans will be able to enjoy a relaxing stay original and very unusual architecture, visit the National Library, which houses many valuable books explore the Armory, to look into the Cathedral Museum. Active guests will appreciate the Maltese Carnival, which is held every year. This is such an important event that many travelers booking of their trips in advance.

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