The most original airport in Europe

The most original airport in Europe The most original airport in Europe

Onsite this famous mountain ski resort one may find the most authentic airport in Europe. Taking into account the fact that there is no smooth terrain in Courchevel, the airport is located on a more or less slight slope, where the biggest incline is only 18.5 degrees.

The most original airport in Europe 2

So, if you are trying to reach Courchevel by a light aeroplane like "Cessna", you will have to land downhill, and to take off, on the opposite, uphill. Thus, taking into consideration the length of the strip (only 525 meters), there are almost no people, who want to come here by air.

The most original airport in Europe 3

However, some time ago, the Courchevel airport received aeroplanes bigger than "Cessna", in particular Otters and Dash 7. But because of several crashes, that took place here about 10 years ago, the flights for such types of planes in Courchevel were prohibited. All the pilots, who fly to this direction, including helicopter-pilots, should undergo additional certification.

The most original airport in Europe 4

Additionally, according to a rating of international TV channel – History Channel, in the nomination "The most extreme airports in the world", the Courchevel airport gained only the seventh place. This fact didn't prevent the creators of legendary Bondiana from shooting some of the scenes of the film "Tomorrow never dies" here, in the Courchevel airport.

The most original airport in Europe 5

And if you want to get to this resort, without landing in the extreme Courchevel airport, you may take a charter flight to Lion or Geneva by "Aeroflot" that regularly fly from Vnukovo. Then you may take a train Lion- Courchevel (180 kilometers) or Geneva- Courchevel (140 kilometers). And then you should go on foot, the direction depends on what hotel you booked. However, the most part of the tourists, potential mountain skiers prefer buses, that may take you to the resort in 3,5 hours.

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