Interesting Places Europe

Interesting Places Europe

Interesting places in Europe

The question put forward in the title of this text is quite often heard by representatives of many travel agencies, firms and tourism companies in the world. At the same time this question: "And where are the most interesting places in Europe", most often they cause a restrained smile, because to answer this question is somehow virtually impossible.

Interesting places in Europe and its central part

Here, the staff need to strain their imagination and, using a lot of tact and correctness, try to guide the next, potential client to the "true path". After all, God forbid, the proposed recommendations will leave him indifferent from what he has seen, then there is no guarantee that on returning this comrade will not express his claims about the trip. If we return a little to what was written above, then according to statements of this kind of citizens, one can assume with a high degree of confidence that they will be more indifferent to the ruins of the same Roman Colosseum or the huge blocks of Stonehenge. And, as one of the heroes of actor Oleg Yankovsky said: "Well, it does not heat me that!". And, proceeding from such statement of a question, at least, it is necessary to offer more interesting places of Europe, than old locks and other historical sights of the past.

Disneyland or Stonehenge

So in particular, they could well come up with the same Disneyland that is located not so far from Paris. Just less than an hour on the comfortable electric train company "RER", which comes from the very center of the city from la Defense, Opera, Chatelet or Nation stations, and reaching the final stop Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy, you are almost two steps from the world-famous attraction Parc Disneyland and Parc Walt Disney Studios. It is worth remembering that the first of them, the one on the left, is more children's entertainment, although the older generation is quite impressive. The second one is Parc Walt Disney Studios, more serious fun with stuntmen, shootouts and chases on real horses. True, and it is worth a bit more expensive than its analog in the format of light version. But, in any case, these attractions for any age category, definitely, than not the most interesting places in Europe.

We go further

And if our comrade has not been seduced by Disney attractions, then he can be advised to wait until the beginning of October. And, after digging up some euro, go to one of the most interesting places in Europe of this period for the annual Oktoberfest beer festival, where, according to many of its participants, the "All in One" principle works ...

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