Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis

This unusual beach is in England, in the county of West Dorset far from the small village of Lyme Regis. Of course, do not walk on the beach of the dinosaurs, and on the rocks do not build nests pterodactyls. This is the name of the beach was great just an incredible amount of fossils of ancient mollusks, ammonites.

Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis 2

According to experts who have studied these places, some of the fossils found here Bole 180 million years. The soil around the beach is quite fragile, so in these places landslides often occur as a result of which on the surface there are new resources, which can be collected without special archaeological sites.

Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis 3

The largest number of fossil Triassic era can be found between the village and the town of Lyme Regis Eksmet, Ice Age – from the harbor to the Poole Bay Styudlend and Jurassic fossils most of the city to the village Suenedzh Lyme Regis. An incredible way to this place formed the most favorable conditions for the best preservation of soft tissues and bones of prehistoric animals. The second name of the Jurassic beach is an Ammonite Beach.

Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis 4

Using regular tourists who want to find his own unusual shell or bones of a prehistoric lizard, local authorities have developed a real tourist industry. Even the lights on the coast near Lyme Regis, made in the form of ammonite shells. In some parts of the planet ammonite shells are considered expensive jewelry, here it is just unnecessary garbage bags which are exported regularly by tourists or workers removed from the beach.

Ammonite Beach near Lyme Regis 5

In addition, next to the beach is no less famous White Cliffs, stretching down to La Manche. It has long been produced here limestone and shale, which is used for construction in the United Kingdom, even now. Beach and White Cliffs freely open to the public, and in Lyme Regis, you can find an inexpensive but comfortable room.

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