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Landscapes of Lake Misurina or a trip to the Dolomites

For many of our compatriots, a trip to Italy ends at Lake Misurina, where, in addition to the magnificent landscapes of the Dolomites, there are excellent conditions for healing. Travel to the Dolomites The Dolomite Alps derive their name from the fact that practically the entire rock mass of this region of the Alps consists

Sights of Cyprus

Among a rather large number of interesting places located on the Mediterranean coast, the sights of Cyprus and Greece occupy a special place in almost all the travel guides of many travel companies of the world. City of Paphos and other places of interest in Cyprus The history of ancient Greece, like the entire Mediterranean

70 years of the Great Victory!

For many countries 2015 is a jubilee year. 70 years of the Great Victory! Seventy years passed with a happy day of the Great Victory in the Patriotic War. During this time the world has changed in order, new generations have grown up, science and technology have made several tangible steps forward and created a

Monuments of the Great Patriotic War

In the history of our people, as well as the history of the countries of Europe, the monuments of the Great Patriotic War occupy a special place, because this last war affected the destinies of almost every person living in this vast territory. Tourist tours and monuments of the Great Patriotic War As a rule,


If you are going to visit the city of Volgograd in order to see its sights, we recommend you to get to the city along the Volga, for it is in the rivers that the statue of Motherland looks most impressively. Statue of Motherland, a bit of history First of all, it is worth noting

Monument to the Soviet soldier

Almost any journey through the capital of Germany takes place with a compulsory visit to the monument to a Soviet soldier, which is located in the famous Treptow Park, which is in the southeastern part of the city. A bit of history: A monument to a Soviet soldier Despite the fact that two more memorials

Monument to Vysotsky

Despite the fact that since the death of the great Russian poet, it has been a long time, and this is almost thirty-five years, in the cities and towns of Russia, enthusiasts and admirers of his work continue to memorialize him. This time, residents of Yekaterinburg and its numerous guests will be able to see

Historical monuments of Europe: Cesky Sternberk Castle

Czech Republic Many historical monuments of Europe that are located on the territory of the so-called former socialist camp, which included Czechoslovakia, suffered a less fortunate fate than the medieval castle, Cesky Sternberg, which stands near the small Czech town of Benesov. Historical monuments of Europe and their unusual fate If you touch a little

Ancient beauty and modern comfort – Vladimir

Vladimir is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities of the Golden Ring. The beginning of the history of this city is clouded by time. The settlement was first mentioned in the annals of the twelfth century. There are about two hundred architectural monuments that belong to different historical periods, including three completely