Trollstigen – is the most fantastic road in the world

Route Trollstigen or better known as the Troll Road – this is one of the most visited and popular places in Norway. His appearance is obliged to the road to King Haakon VII, who opened it in 1936, after 8 years of construction. Even today, Trollstigen is a model of the design and engineering.

Trollstigen is the most fantastic road in the world 2

The road always goes up, and sometimes the angle of rise of more than 9 degrees. Also, the road has 11 very sharp turns. In some places, the total width of the road barely exceed 3-3.5 meters, so the movement of vehicles, the length of which a little more than 12 meters, is strictly prohibited. In autumn and winter Trollstigen completely closed to travel. But the movement is very active from May to October.

Trollstigen is the most fantastic road in the world 3

The Norwegian government is closely monitoring the state of the road and constantly renovated. In 2005, to protect motorists from rockfalls and to ensure the overall safety of the Norwegian government has spent more than 17 million NOK. At the top of the road there is a special comfortable viewing platform, which comes off a great view of the ladder trolls and a wonderful waterfall Stigfossen.

Trollstigen is the most fantastic road in the world 4

The mention of this road in every tourist guide to Norway. In this incredible road even has its own website on the Internet. It is noteworthy that the road is located on the mountain «Cap Troll», she goes about a fabulous shelter known as «Cabin Trolley», and on the road you will meet «Troll Church».

Trollstigen is the most fantastic road in the world 5

To travel on this road need a lot of experience and a cold-blooded, because even one awkward movement of the steering wheel and the car will fly into the abyss and have to fall more than a kilometer. However, every year on the road passing by thousands of tourists who want to make great photos Road trolls and Stigfossenskogo waterfall. This road is really the most magical place in the world, and ensure that everyone can, who will rise to the observation deck and look at the road with your own eyes.

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