The unique suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland

2012 for Switzerland was significant, as near the ski resort of Engelberg, at the top of Mount Titlis Bridge was completed. It is important that this suspension bridge most unusual of all. Call it decided, just after the hill on which it was built Titlis Cliff Walk.

The unique suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland 2

Going up to him, suddenly you realize how beautifully around. Since the review of a suspension bridge just wonderful. If the weather is cloudless, then it is possible to observe not only the tops of the mountains, which are covered with snow, but also the very Italy. Still, for those who have the nerves a little weak, climb on it is not recommended for security reasons. Still a decent height and equal to more than three thousand meters, the length of the bridge is one hundred meters, and the width of the entire meter, if not less.

The unique suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland 3

Now rightly Bridge Titlis Cliff Walk is the name of the highest buildings in the world. In order to build it, I had to shell out more than a million pounds, and this, believe me, not small money. Also, it took a lot of time – the fact that it took six months to build. But it was not just dangerous, but it can be said, and recklessly. Since Height is too huge and too big a risk to life.

The unique suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland 4

Still, the builders have done their job and brought the matter to an end. Opening suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk was dedicated to the celebration, or rather the centennial of the cable car, which is currently still functions properly.

The unique suspension bridge Titlis Cliff Walk in Switzerland 5

Builders assure that the bridge was built safely and efficiently, and it can not withstand one ton of snow in the mountains that is commonplace. And it is very important not only for people but also for those who designed and built. The day when had to make a discovery, the weather decided to play around and started blizzard, because the event was postponed for the day ahead. But this did not prevent the guests to enjoy the beauty of the landscape, which reigns around the bridge.

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