The plane-hotel Jumbo Hostel

Next to the Swedish airport Arlanda is a unique aircraft that never rises to the sky. Why? Yes, because in the Boeing-747-200, built in even 1976, the hotel is situated «Jumbo Hostel».

The plane hotel Jumbo Hostel 2

The aircraft was once written off, and in late 2008 it was turned into a hostel with 27 comfortable rooms. The most expensive and comfortable room, of course, located in the cockpit. Another opportunity to visit this forbidden place for the average person, you are unlikely to be presented. The rest of the rooms (most of them triple) cheaper, but no less comfortable. Perhaps a week to live in these small rooms is not very convenient, but to spend the day and night before the flight is very entertaining. The more you bring to the airport free shuttle.

The plane hotel Jumbo Hostel 3

Incidentally, this is the only aircraft on board which you can watch modern plasma TV and enjoy, the mobile phone at any time, without fear of the comments and stewardesses warnings. Another plus to stay on this plane, is that you have access without restrictions to the free wireless Internet.

The plane hotel Jumbo Hostel 4

Clearly, the hotel «Jumbo Hostel» it is impossible to put a shower and toilet in each room – they are, unfortunately, common to all. But there is always the exception to the rule! If you are willing to pay for a comfortable cabin suite and a single room, then it will not be a problem for you.

The plane hotel Jumbo Hostel 5

The hotel-plane is a cafe with a wonderful view of the runway, where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or just try the hot cakes, not only hotel guests, but also simply curious. However, since you are on an airplane, be prepared that you will be served a meal not on porcelain plates, and in special containers. How else to feel the whole atmosphere of the hotel? Only in this way and not otherwise!

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