“Prazhechka” – a beer restaurant in Moscow, which you need to visit everyone.

It’s not a secret for anyone that in our time there are many worthy establishments where you can eat, have fun with your close people and just relax. Unequivocally, Moscow in this regard does not lag behind other major cities in the world. Here you can find restaurants that serve food and drinks from around the world. Among them you can note the best beer restaurant “Prazhechka”, which are distinguished by delicious dishes, high-quality service and, of course, a wide range of drinks. As you already understood, except for unsurpassed dishes, restaurants can boast a unique beer.

If you are looking for a brasserie in Moscow in the center, then the Prazhechka network is an ideal option.

Restaurants “Prazhechka” – a network that consists of two institutions. One of them is located on Marshal Vasilevsky Street (not far from Shchukinskaya metro station), and the second one is on Vorontsovskaya Street. Each of them provides its visitors a wide range of delicious dishes of European and Czech cuisine. Undoubtedly, in our restaurant you will have the opportunity to taste fresh Czech, German or Belgian beer. Believe me, if you visit a beer restaurant in Moscow at least once, you will want to come here again and again.

Both restaurants have an original interior. They differ in the fact that in an institution on Vorontsovskaya Street business lunches are served daily, in the second menu it is not entered.

Each restaurant has a beer bar on its territory, where every visitor has the opportunity to get high quality beer. In addition, the assortment has many delicious dishes for this drink.

It is worth noting the interior of each establishment. He is not handsome, but also functional. This makes it possible to accommodate a large number of guests. All of them will be able to enjoy delicacies in comfort and coziness.

These establishments are suitable not only for recreation, but also for corporate workers, business meetings, large-scale events, like weddings. In the beer restaurant, which is located on the street. Vorontsovskaya, there are large and roomy rooms and rooms for especially respected visitors. If we talk about the restaurant on the street. Marshal Vasilevsky, then he has a family atmosphere. It’s very good to spend time with family or friends.

Initially, this network was established in the Czech Republic. This can be seen in the interior and theme of institutions. Each beer restaurant in Moscow absorbed the best Czech, European and Russian traditions. Out of this unusual union, one thing has turned out, where Russian fun has harmoniously interwoven, Czech restraint and European sophistication.

The chain of restaurants “Prazhechka” has its own unique symbol. They are an attractive young girl with beautiful forms, which gives visitors a delicious beer. This symbol very well conveys the atmosphere that prevails in the restaurants of the Czech Republic and Europe.

In restaurants “Prazhechka” there is a friendly staff. Waiters have a good command of the menu, so they will be able to answer all the questions of even the most picky visitors. Before starting work, each employee of the network passed special training and passed the exam. Therefore, all employees perform their work quickly and efficiently. They try to consider each visitor and do everything exactly as he wants, because the comfort of customers is the main thing in the concept of the restaurant chain.

In addition to the above advantages, prices in the network “Prazhechka” pleasantly pleased. Therefore, these institutions are available to absolutely everyone.

As you can see, beer restaurants can be rightly called the best in Moscow, because it is cozy, comfortable, tasty, fun and inexpensive. This is an ideal set for an unforgettable holiday with close people after a hard day’s work, and for a business dinner.

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