Buy tour to Montenegro

If you really are going to travel across the Balkan Peninsula, then in terms of the ratio of the pleasure received and its cost, the best option is simply to buy a tour to Montenegro.

The reason for which you need to buy a tour to Montenegro

It is well-known that to date to realize its old dream, and to go on vacation to a foreign country is no longer the lot of the elect, or people who have rather decent incomes. And if in this regard, you do not claim to rest, in the luxurious hotels of Mallorca or the islands of Bali, then the best option for implementing such a project may be the option to take and buy a tour to Montenegro.

First of all, it is not so far from the nearest domestic airfield, which has the ability to accept international flights. And if you take Moscow Sheremetyevo or St. Petersburg Pulkovo for the starting point of the upcoming trip, then the rest of the way to the capital of Montenegro Podgorica will take you no more than a half or two hours, which is much less than the time you spent to get to the airport. In this case, you should consider the cost of such a flight.

Features of travel in Montenegro

No less remarkable moment for making a trip to sunny Montenegro is that again, the cost of living in Montenegrin hotels, with the same level of hotel service as in the same Turkey or Bulgaria, you will pay for it has a much smaller daily fee. After all, it’s not the first year that the government of Montenegro and private capital are sending quite large amounts of money and efforts to develop the tourism business. And first of all it is not only clean and well-groomed beaches and ski slopes, but also first-class hotels. And here, as many say, who visited this country more than once, the level of this particular sector of the tourism business has changed significantly in recent years.

And while the journey through Montenegro can not be attributed to such a category as the best rest in the world, take advantage of the moment and enjoy Montenegrin uniqueness and national color of this country. After all, among those who prefer not to sit out at home or on a dacha site during their next vacation, but to travel around the world and receive exactly this pleasure, there is a category of those for whom domestic conditions do not play a big role. And it is here in Montenegro that you can find a kind of compromise of this problem, because in this country you can live in a hotel with five stars and spend your vacation in a motel with minimal living conditions and lack of the same buffet.

How to get to the resorts of Montenegro

In this case, tourism and its infrastructure in this country has its own specific features. And if you get to the same international airport in Podgorica or Tivat from the Moscow airport terminal, then you may have problems if the tour you purchased does not include a transfer. So, we advise this subject to stipulate in the travel agency in advance.

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