The narrowest street in the world – Spreuerhofstraße – 32 cm

The width of the street in the German town of Reutlingen is only 32 cm. It is this street is now listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Called Street Shproyerofshtrasse. But, alas, not so long ago street-record holder has become more narrow. This led to the fact that walking on Spreuerhofstraße such favorite with tourists, became impossible.

The narrowest street in the world Spreuerhofstraße 32 cm 2

All this happened due to the fact that one of the old houses, and looked a little passage between the houses has not only become an even more narrow, but also dangerous. In such cases usually begins fast repairs, but such an emergency condition of the house led to a new record. Now, the streets fate is being decided.

The narrowest street in the world Spreuerhofstraße 32 cm 3

Most likely, the house will buy the city municipality, and they will closely monitor the state of the streets. But no one is going to block Spreuerhofstraße, in any case. The appearance of this street on the city map is very, very prosaic. According to history, this street has arisen due to an error of one of the German architects. But not only this street is included in the list of champions. In second place in the list of the narrow streets in the world is a street in the city of Prague, called devil tavern.

The narrowest street in the world Spreuerhofstraße 32 cm 4

Width Shproyerofshtrasse street is only 70 cm. This street is unique in that there are special traffic signals for pedestrians. It is very difficult to miss on the street two passers-by, so the traffic on the street is allowed only on a green light. In third place is a street in the UK, formerly known as Malaya Street. Now it is called parliamentary, in the narrowest part of the street has a width of no more than 60 centimeters, and the widest part of the total width of the street is only 120 cm.

The narrowest street in the world Spreuerhofstraße 32 cm 5

In England there is another incredibly narrow street. This street is located in Plymouth, the South Coast. The width of the streets of just 85 cm, and this street is called Peacock Lane. In total in the world a lot of narrow streets. In one hard protisnetsya mule, and in others – mogul lovers kiss, just leaning out of the windows across the street.

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