Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof

City Aarhus is the second largest in Denmark. Rapidly developing city quite quickly. Today, this city is a commercial and industrial center and railway junction. It developed almost all kinds of industries that you can only imagine.

Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof 2

There is also a wonderful museum ARos. Especially for the museum, the world-famous artist Olafur Eliasson has created an amazing and unique design. This structure has the name «rainbow panorama». It is located above the roof of the museum consists of colored glass.

Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof 3

But interestingly, the building stands on a fixed and very thin poles that three and a half centimeters in thickness. The circular track is 52 meters and both height and width, glass corridor is three meters. The total length of the passage was built, it is 150 meters. Thanks to this arrangement, but rather on the roof, you can safely enjoy the city, in any color.

Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof 4

According to the artist, he tried to create a place where people would feel themselves and not in the sky and on the ground. It gives a feeling of a kind of glass. You just imagine being at a certain height, before you can be yellow, red, etc. And you can not tell if you’re on the ground, or hovering in the sky.

Museum ARos with an amazing structure on the roof 5

Impressions from this visit should remain very much, because not every building there is such an exclusive design. Well, when the creator thinks in the first place that will feel the man went upstairs. Some simply try to implement his plan, and not thinking about the visitors. More to such artists and our world became brighter and more colorful. On this site you can now not only dream, but also a pleasure to visit.

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