Drahenburgsky castle is a dragon Castle

The historic city of Westphalia is Drahenburgsky castle. It is the largest of the palace buildings, which belong to the 19th century. What is interesting in this castle is the fact that it was built in the Gothic Revival style. The style may be conceived in the UK and rapidly spread around the world. That is, it is a combination of several buildings of the castle, that is, villa, castle and palace, that is three in one.

Drahenburgsky castle is a dragon Castle 2

Actually, quite a lot of castles here, but this is on top of the mountain Semigor and looks as if it came to us from a fairy tale. Currently, the castle is already more than a hundred years. Around the park stretches a beautiful park, which saves many hot days in the heat. In addition, the park is decorated with beautiful sculptures, and in the courtyard of the castle, you can see the cup is very large, which is constantly filled with water.

Drahenburgsky castle is a dragon Castle 3

If you bypass the lock, then you get to the viewing platform, which offers a superb panorama. In addition, if you know exactly where the residence of the head of Germany, it can also be seen. In addition, in the castle, and indeed in other historic places, you can see a lot of foreign visitors who often come here not only to work, but just relax.

Drahenburgsky castle is a dragon Castle 4

If we translate the name of the castle means that it will be «Dragon Castle». Now this title, one might say, corresponds to the history of the castle. That is, the castle was built in a very short time, after which it was destroyed as a result of the First World War, then rebuilt it again and now it is a monument of architecture. Now, anyone can visit the castle, who are interested in the history of Germany.

Drahenburgsky castle is a dragon Castle 5

Of course, we can and so you tell his story, but it is interesting to read or is it to see and hear everything with my own ears and eyes. I visit this place would be a great solution.

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