Attractions Europe

Attractions Europe

Sights of Europe

It has already become a good tradition, going on a trip to Europe, as the main and indispensable thing of a voyage, to take with us a camera that will help us to capture in memory the most interesting sights of Europe, whose visit left indelible impressions.

We go to see the sights of Europe

Regardless of what type of transport you have reached this or that, but the coveted corner of Europe, and this can be a railway transport or a comfortable plane, but it is clear that you will take a bus to see the sights of Europe from your hotel. In this case, we do not consider the option when you got to your own car, for example, to Paris or Brussels.

And although this option is more expensive, but in this case you clearly win over other travelers who have come to see the sights of foreign Europe, because you have more freedom of movement and, accordingly, more information about what you can see and capture on your camera, phone or camera.

What are the attractions of foreign Europe recommend to see

So, let's briefly go over the old Europe: Austria is practically its center. Here, in addition to the ancient mother of Vienna, it is worth paying attention to such attractions of European countries as the famous monastery Abbey Melk, located in a small town of the same name. This monument of history and architecture, first of all, amazes with its monumentality and grandeur, because in its area it occupies neither more nor less, but seventeen thousand square meters. At the same time, being built at the beginning of the eighteenth century, the monastery impresses its visitors both with its interior decoration and an impressive collection of manuscript compositions, the oldest of which is more than five centuries old.

Sights of Europe

A tourist who knows what he is looking for is already a traveler. And, in general, it's great that more and more people began to prepare for their vacation, not only in terms of manicure and clothes, but a targeted search for information about the place where you have to rest. After all, if you drip deeper, the sights of Europe are not only Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower, or the Coliseum and Delphi - it's a hundred times more.

After all, for example, if you are visiting the sights of Hamburg, and nearby, literally an hour's drive, the island of Rügen (our fairy-tale Bujan). Why not go there? Especially since the Germans themselves will tell you his "Slavic history", but not "Norman" ...

Being in Berlin, yes, the Reichstag and others are also interesting, but literally in the suburbs there are ancient fortresses, which are not written in guidebooks ... And, so many, really important places can be visited if prepared in advance. Flip through the pages of our portal about travel and tourism and you will find a lot of useful.

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