The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi

The majestic castle Bardi is located on a cliff of red jasper about 60 kilometers from the city of Parma. In ancient times, near the fortress were some fairly busy road. The first mention of the castle appeared in the year 898.

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi 2

While the fortress owned Bishop Piacenza. He and turned into an impregnable fortress stronghold to defend against attacks of the Hungarians. During its existence, the castle changed many owners, until about 60 years of XX century has not started its reconstruction as a monument of architecture and history. All fortified castles have a rather unusual form, repeating the outlines of the rocks on which it is located. All buildings of the castle were gradually built around the central tower of the Bardi.

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi 3

Around the perimeter of the castle is surrounded by impenetrable walls sloping. Behind the walls of the same, are various buildings, such as a torture, houses, barracks and a chapel. All these rooms are connected and are connected to the main courtyard. Tourists are attracted by romantic legend, the events that occurred approximately in XV-XVI century.

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi 4

At that time, the castle garrison commanded by Captain Moroello, passionately in love with court lady Lundy Soleste. Fortunately, their feelings were mutual. Once Moroello went into battle, and waited Soleste it into a fortress, every day, climbing the main tower, and peering it away. A few days passed, and saw in the distance a beautiful girl soldiers, but the joy was replaced by anxiety, she saw only the enemy colors.

The sad legend of the fortress and castle Bardi 5

Despair seized the girl's heart, and she threw herself down from the tower. Alas, she never learned that dressing with flowers enemy ordered his soldiers to put Moroello to show the degree of contempt for the enemy. Upon learning of the death of his beloved captain also she committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. They say that ever since, his restless spirit every night wandering the corridors of the castle in search of his beloved.

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Wow! What a great place! Actually, I can't imagine how people lived there in the middle ages. In comparison with our modern cities there's a big difference. But anyway this place looks majestic and reflects the spirit of those ages!

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