Donetsk is a real jewel city

In travel agencies usually offer already terrific place to relax and travel. Maybe this is correct from a business perspective, because in this way we can guarantee a high degree of good rest. But there are some disadvantages, such as the predictability of events that may not appeal to everyone.

Donetsk is a real jewel city 2

But very different feelings filled when you go alone in a strange city, and there is strolling through the streets, know the weight of the unknown and beautiful. Take, for example, the city of Donetsk. We can not say that this is an ancient city, it is not even two hundred and fifty years, and it is known by historical standards, very little. However, even with its relatively young in Donetsk there are so many interesting places and tourist attractions.

Donetsk is a real jewel city 3

First we need to dwell on the history of the city. It begins with the eighteenth century, when the Cossacks of the Don and Zaporizhia Army began development of these lands. To be more precise in the 1869 John Hughes started in this area construction of a metallurgical plant, and in those days was carried out, was built next to a working village called Yuzivka. But with the start of construction of the village and can be considered the beginning of the history of Donetsk.

Donetsk is a real jewel city 4

Since then renamed from Yuzovka in Donetsk, the city began to live happily ever after and attractions. The main attractions of the city – this, of course, its factories. After all, no accident Donetsk called industrial giant. There are giants such as Iron and Steel Works «Zavdonetskstal», JSC «Donetsk Metal Plant», Donetsk Experimental Repair and Mechanical Plant and still a lot of small and large enterprises.

Donetsk is a real jewel city 5

Individual deserves good words, of course, the famous stadium Donbass Arena, it is often called one of the best stadiums in Europe. Seeing this unique structure can remain long under the impression, especially if you look at the building at night. After all, the idea of creation of this masterpiece is the stadium in the night lights resembled a real diamond.

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