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Travelling, articles: Rupit – the witch town

According to the opinion of few tourists that have written articles about such unusual journey, it’s quite difficult to get here. The town Rupit really brings an obscure impression, so the historical opinion that Rupit is a witch town has a certain foundation in some sense.

Travelling articles Rupit  the witch town 2

The longer the journey – the more replete are the articles

Basically, it is connected with the fact that almost all the buildings here were built in the medieval times and throughout the history the town was not destroyed by the fires or war actions. Even the emperor Napoleon during his Spanish expedition didn’t take a risk to climb up to 900m height, being afraid that the trip will be too difficult for his army and the means wouldn’t justify the end (there were a lot of articles in the newspapers about that).

Travelling articles Rupit  the witch town 3

The town is really somewhat unapproachable, as it was built on the place of a powerful volcano eruption, and a mountain, formed by volcanic scoria, became a ground first for the medieval Rupit castle and then for the surrounding town itself.

Travelling articles Rupit  the witch town 4

Castle-town on the volcano

It’s worth mentioning that the medieval builders used natural volcanic scoria fractures to lay out the streets. So, on the whole, the scoria Rupit streets bordered by not less picturesque buildings give the relevant impression to rare tourists, who has left a small travel report for us.

Travelling articles Rupit  the witch town 5

So, if you, during your eurotrip, really have a strong desire to visit Rupit, you should know that the town is located only 98 kilometers far from such a large town like Barcelona. There you should take a local bus from the Estació del Nord station and get off the bus in an hour and a half on the Pare Gallissà bus station. Unfortunately, there your journey to Rupit is not over, as you should take a bus №462 and have an hour long trip to the centre of the witch town.

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