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Nowadays it is so usual to travel in Europe for our compatriots. There are many upscale resorts in Europe with level of service higher than in Turkey, Egypt and the Adriatic. That is why tourism in Europe has a rather developed infrastructure and high level of service. The latest news of tourism and travel in Europe, you can emphasize on our website Set-travel, where Europe is represented in the best side. In addition to articles about Europe, represented on website you can find also colorful photos of Europe’s most exotic parts.

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However, tourism in Europe has its own characteristics. Mostly it is about some critical price of hotels with high level of service. Also regional tour operators cannot always organize a trip to Europe with some organizational overlays. That is why on our website in section «Articles about Europe» we try to tell not only about the most attractive parts of  Europe, but also about how to avoid some unpleasant moments of trip to Europe

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The feature of tourism in Europe is the fact that here is any traveler can get what he really wants to see in a short period of his vacation. And Europe has a lot to show you. And this is definitely seen on photos of Europe and in articles about Europe ,represented on our website Set-travel. There are industrial landscapes of Paris, magnificent beaches of sea coast and the medieval castles of the Loire River. So, the rest in Europe for many of us can be more  attractive and interesting than rest in Egypt, Turkey or Fiji Islands.

Travel around Europe

Nowadays, according to the permanent writers and travelers of our website Set-travel, many of our compatriots try to combine their trips in Europe with their honeymoon. Indeed, hotels in Europe, as a rule, include such a romantic service as a room for the newlyweds and appropriate cultural program. And if you or your friends have any materials on this topic visit our website Set-travel and post it on the pages of «photo of Europe», where the newlyweds cute smile on a background of the Eiffel Tower or kiss on the Champs Elysees.

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For years, some of our compatriots try to combine their vacation in Europe with access to medical care of rather  high level and it is no secret that some diseases, unfortunately, cannot be treated in our country. The essential factor in development of this direction is the factor that some hotels in Europe are located near major medical centers, making their visit more convenient for patients. This information and also photo of Europe you can find on pages of our website Set-travel.

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