Rest in France

France is a unique country. It is not only rich in various sights, but also due to special climatic conditions it is accessible for tourists practically all year round. If you want a holiday in France to please you with a mild climate, it’s better to go there in the autumn. Rest in France for

Holidays in Finland

Winter country Finland is an interesting place for summer holidays. If you decide to visit the state in the North of Europe and prefer a vacation in June, you should know in advance all about the intricacies of such tourism, only then the rest in Finland will be memorable and interesting throughout the trip. Cool

Holidays in Greece

Summer – a “hot period” in the minds of tourists, because it is at this time travelers like a mind devoid seek to leave their home and go to distant lands for positive emotions. Rest in Greece does not take the leading step in popularity, but does not give up in the fight for the

Holidays in Portugal

European tours in the West itself are unusual, especially if you have planned a holiday in Portugal in July. The summer season in this country is hot, besides, if you want to choose a perfect tour, you need to assess in advance the climatic characteristics of a particular locality separately. Analyze the weather by cities.

Holidays in Spain

A significant part of the Pyrenees on the modern map of Europe is occupied by Spain. This country is famous for its crystal clear beach resorts, ideal roads and a genuinely hospitable people. Holidays in Spain will give you a lot of fun. The most resort time of the year is summer. During this period

Holidays in Cyprus

So it turns out purely historically, but in the tourist history of our Motherland there are two main places of far abroad, which domestic tourists have mastered one of the first. First of all it was the famous Turkey, and in the second stage it was a holiday in Cyprus. Holiday in Cyprus is not

Early spring in Vienna and Prague

Early spring is an ideal time for a small, harmonious holiday in one of the picturesque capitals of Western Europe. What is remarkable about this time? In March, prices remain at the level of February, and the number of interesting and colorful events that can be seen abroad, with the passing of winter only grows.

Holidays in Italy

A characteristic feature of the holiday in the Apennines is the fact that rest in Italy, you can organize not only in the classical summer period. In winter there, too, have something to see and where, if desired, go skiing. After all, almost a few hours drive from the same Rome, the southern slopes of