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The world of tourism has always attracted many of us, as by its diversity, so received impressions from what we saw. At the same time, like any person, we always strive to share these impressions with our friends and colleagues. However, the availability of such an Internet resource as Set-travel will give you the opportunity to share with a large number of like-minded people who, like you prefer traveling around the world, than the unsightly sitting of summer holidays on the same couch watching a sequential soap opera or detective series. And be sure that on Set-travel you will find a lot of fascinating facts that will help you find new friends or choose the place where you would like to go to the next trip.

World of Tourism

Today every one of us going on a regular trip, as a rule, takes a camera or video camera with him, so that when we return home we will show our friends photos of the world as you saw it. At the same time, this circle of friends, like the world of tourism, can be significantly expanded by placing your materials in the form of photographs or travel notes on our Internet resource Set-travel.

And it will not be so difficult to do this, because the administrators of Set-travel have developed a fairly convenient and simple interface for working on our site. In addition, it must be remembered that your travels around the world will remain on the site for many years.

World of travel

However, the world of travel does not always bear only bright colors and the most joyful impressions, because the world of tourism and travel is connected with a certain routine. In particular, this is connected with such things as the search for an opportunity to drive along the chosen route or it is guaranteed to have a roof over your head for the whole journey.

In this case, our Set-travel resource will help you, not only to choose the tour you like, but also book tickets for a plane or a train, as well as the same number in the chosen hotel. So, that the world of tourism, created for you, on our site will help you to optimally hold the upcoming vacation.

World of Tourism and Travel

Unfortunately, among our contemporaries, for whom traveling around the world have become a good habit, they do not always try to share their impressions with their friends and acquaintances. However, for some of us, the world of tourism and travel to the same China, Egypt or Bulgaria, are for today, for one reason or another, a dream come true.

And this can be physical or financial opportunities. But do not dramatize this situation. On Set-travel you will always find the brightest photos of the most exotic corners of our planet. And travel notes of our authors, can completely replace any television program, on the theme of the world of tourism and travel.

Cave complex on the Ai-Sikyaz-Tamak river

The Sikiyaz-Tamakovskiy cave complex, located in the Chelyabinsk region, once again shows, not only the historical importance of separate territories of Russia, but also a low degree of research in many regions of our country. After all, these unique caves were discovered only in 1995 by Chelyabinsk archaeologists, and until the end has not yet

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Vladivostok fortress guarding the borders and interests of Russia

So it turns out that Vladivostok Fortress has a special place among many Vladivostok sights, because it is not only a part of the history of this legendary city, but also a unique fortification and architectural structure that significantly influenced not only the destiny of the city itself but also the Russian state generally. So

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Shiryaevskie adits: decoration and mystery of Zhigulevsky mountains

Among those who at least once traveled along the Volga, undoubtedly, were to visit the so-called Shiryaevskie galleries, which are located in one of the picturesque places of the Zhiguli mountains. Before successful extraction of Shiryaev limestone, now it has become a history and now the system of amazing grottoes and caves has evolved, which

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Molebsky Triangle, as the first anomalous zone of Russia

The anomaly of this small territory, located near the village of Molebka, which is in the Sverdlovsk region, has been known since the days when near the village worked steelmaking plants of the famous industrialist Demidov. At the same time, for the indigenous people of Mansi who lived on this territory, these places have been

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Resurrection of the “Holy Caves” of Orenburg

Although in the territory of modern Russia there are not a few places marked by holiness and piety, the Holy caves of Orenburg region have a slightly different character and stand on a par with such shrines of the Russian Orthodox Church as temples and monastery on the Solovetsky Islands, Optina Pustyn or Diveevo.  

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All the same Kiev

It is clear that in one small article not to talk about this great city, because it was from here that Russia began. But nevertheless you can draw your attention to it … Despite the fact that Kiev for all its history has repeatedly changed its official status as the capital of Ukraine or the

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Odessa catacombs

A unique paleontological and geological monument that can tell about the ancient geological past of the entire region – Odessa catacombs are not only a visiting card and the largest attraction of the city of Odessa. Most of the modern image of the catacombs is associated with the Great Patriotic War, when they served as

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Pripyat – the zone of alienation of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

After the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe that led to the evacuation of the whole city, Pripyat became the personification of the development prospects of mankind with a negligent attitude to modern technologies related to nuclear energy. At the same time to date, the very abandoned city has become a tourist Mecca, for many fans of extreme

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Hello Dedushka Moroz! A beard made of cotton?

Today New Year will come to every house, Santa Claus will come and, looking at the festive Christmas tree, will congratulate us on the holiday, well, and certainly make happy with the gift … But who is this Grandfather, why and why the Christmas tree, and what is the point in her attire? And, where

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