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Attractions Europe

Kiev is the capital of Ukraine

Kiev, as you know, is the capital of Ukraine. The largest city in terms of population, as well as the seventh largest city in Europe. It is located in the northern part of the center of the country, on both banks of the Dnieper. History of the name of the city Kiev is a city

Simple emigration to Portugal

A new InPortu portal has been opened. It was created for those who want to emigrate to the Portuguese republic in the near future. The site employs a whole team of managers, consultants and lawyers who several years ago moved to Portugal from the CIS countries and currently live on the territory of the republic.

German Stonehenge – Externsteine

The mystic sanctuary, located in the Teutoburg Forest is a 5-huge columns of rocks that rise above the ground more than thirty meters. Scientists are still not able to explain the nature or origin of this extraordinary natural monument or its purpose. According to legend, this mysterious place – the work of the devil, who

Houska Castle – the gateway to hell and a well to hell

Houska Castle is built on a rock away from the busy road among dense forests. The castle is only one road. According to legend, a network of labyrinths carved into the rock directly led to a mystical gate of hell, leading to the underworld. How can you reach these gates, no one knows. Houska castle

Stonehenge in Salisbury – yes, the same

Giant construction of Stonehenge the so-called mysterious and amazing stone monument, located in England, researcher Dr. Umlmor Trever. To date, archaeologists have determined that the architectural monument was erected in three phases with the 3500-th to 1100-th years. BC. Stonehenge is located 130 km away. London. The nearest town the city of Salisbury, 13 km.

Italian Stalingrad in the monastery of Monte Cassino

May 18, 1944 a group of scouts Carpathian Division of the 2nd Polish Corps took the ruins of the monastery of Monte Cassino. Thus ended a five-month battle, later called the «Italian» Stalingrad of the company in 1944. For five long months of bloody fighting, killing tens of thousands of US soldiers, Britain, Algeria, Germany,

The Empire State Building

Empire State Building it is one of the most famous and largest buildings in the world. Located skyscraper in New York at the infamous island of Manhattan. The history of this building is quite interesting and exciting for everyone. The name of the skyscraper has come to us from the very title of New York,

The narrowest street in the world – Spreuerhofstraße – 32 cm

The width of the street in the German town of Reutlingen is only 32 cm. It is this street is now listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Called Street Shproyerofshtrasse. But, alas, not so long ago street-record holder has become more narrow. This led to the fact that walking on Spreuerhofstraße such favorite with

Street-long facade – Ebenezer Place

This unusual street-record holder is in Shotandii on Highland region in the north area of ​​Caithness in the small town of Wick. This street has appeared in 1883, the same year when the building is famous hotel was built Makkeyz. In terms of building the hotel has an unusual shape, elongated trapezoid, and the facade