Discover Uzbekistan traveling around it

Discover Uzbekistan traveling around it. Discover Uzbekistan traveling around it.

Uzbekistan country is unique because here you can relax, go on a trip, while combining sightseeing; visiting mountains, rivers, lakes and deserts; visiting restaurants of Uzbek cuisine; participating in traditional fairs, festivals, and much more.

If you have never heard of such a beautiful magical country like Uzbekistan, or heard, but did not find the time and opportunity to visit it, we offer you amazing tours to Uzbekistan. Let's immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of ancient and modern Uzbekistan together.

For centuries, snow had not melted on the highest mountain peaks, at the foot of which the turbulent rivers were born. Winds were blowing in the boundless steppes, people of different countries met at the crossroads of caravan roads and brisk trade was going on in the ancient cities of Uzbekistan.

Hundreds of years gardens in the agricultural plains of Uzbekistan have blossomed, hundreds of years people have lived and worked here. Written sources and legends tell about heroic deeds.

Look at the sky and watch how thousands of stars shine brightly. Sometimes it seems that you can touch them with your hands. The first rays of the sun illuminate the blue domes of buildings that merge with the color of the sky.

Reading guides, books; traveling and visiting museums, people learn more about the expanses of Uzbek land, about its sights and much more that the country is rich in.

Today Uzbekistan is a country with a multimillion population, in which people of many nationalities live.

The population of Uzbekistan has passed a long and glorious historical path. People mastered deserts, built cities, erected beautiful buildings and revealed the secrets of the starry sky.

And today, in the fertile valleys of rivers, in the desert and in the mountains, one can meet the remains of big and small cities, fortresses and ancient temples. Long ago, people left these places. The eastern bazaars do not rustle, the ancient ruins of cities are covered with ruthless sands. Ruins, overgrown with feather grass and shrubs are silent.

But historians and archaeologists passed even in the most impregnable places. With their help, numerous ruins of ancient cities and ruins of fortresses, covered with sand of a channel of ancient canals began to tell about distant events of the past.

Thanks to the dedicated work of scientists, we can study the rich history of Uzbekistan today.

Studying the history of Uzbekistan, you will be convinced that the peoples of Uzbekistan had a noticeable influence on the whole world history and brought a lot of new and original to the common history of the peoples of the whole planet.

When you arrive in Uzbekistan, you will get acquainted with the monuments of antiquity, both architectural and natural. Samarkand, Bukhara, Khiva, Termez, Karakalpakia, the cities of the Ferghana Valley will hit you in the heart.

The original culture of the Uzbek people will make you look at many things differently. You will certainly be touched by the Uzbek hospitality.

Do not hold back your impulse and book exciting tours to Uzbekistan immediately. You will not regret one iota.

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I have heard a lot of nice things about Uzbekistan and about kind and hospitable people that live there . I know that it is a beautiful, warm and old country . And it is one of the countries that I would like to visit ever. I hope that my tour in Uzbekistan would be the best one I have ever had.

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