World hotels that go into the clouds, in countries where there is always summer

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World hotels that go into the clouds, in countries where there is always summer World hotels that go into the clouds, in countries where there is always summer

Although these hotels are still far away from these clouds, this marketing move, although costly, works without fail, to rest or to hold a business meeting in a unique hotel with a world-famous name, it is not only prestigious, but it is remembered for many years. And, of course, the greatest plus is the fact that these hotels are located on the territory of the country, where there is always summer.

In this case, all hotels of this type can be conditionally divided into two significant categories. Namely, these are hotels that, completely, are a hotel complex with all kinds of services. And hotels that have separate hotel floors for hotel rooms, and everything else is the offices of companies and trading floors.

Given this kind of gradation, the Rose Rotana Tower hotel located in the UAE's capital Dubai, which has 72 floors filled with the most exquisite luxury intended for a full-fledged holiday in this country, will certainly be in the first place. And the viewing platform of the hotel located at an altitude of 330 meters simply amazes any visitor who, on high-speed

lift went up to this height.

At the same time from this category of hotels in the second place could be the hotel Ryugyong, which the authorities of North Korea tried to build in the capital of this state Pyongyang. The height of the hotel at the same 330 meters was to make a worthy competition to the Dubai hotel Rose Rotana Tower, but the grandeur of any construction is always associated with a fairly large financial investment. This is the fate that the Ryugyong hotel has suffered so far. The final completion of work and administration was not enough, and the hotel is in a semi-frozen state.

Based on this, the second place among the hotels in the Middle Kingdom is the hotel Burj Al Arab (Burj Al Arab), which at 320 meters is not inferior in its luxury and design to the hotel Rose Rotana Tower, also located in Dubai.

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  1. Fernando

If you want a good rest, safely go to Egypt. I was there at the hotel "Karanziz", I have a great impression. Let him not so high, not in the clouds, but very sincere. If I get the opportunity, I want to go to the hotel Burj Al Arab.

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