Funeral services at the highest level

Organizing a funeral is not an easy task for an ordinary person. Unstable morale and a sense of loss affect a person negatively, which is why the independent organization of the funeral process can cause some difficulties. So best to start with in order to call a funeral agent specialized funeral service.

What is the work of the ritual agency

Experiencing a heavy loss, it is difficult for relatives to take into account all the technical aspects of the burial ceremony. A deep sad feeling, suffering and grief for the departed bring a sense of confusion and helplessness. It is in these difficult moments the agency staff will assist in most matters, such as:

  • the collection of documents and certificates;
  • the purchase of ritual attributes and accessories – lacquered coffin, floral arrangements, additional decoration;
  • coordination of activities with the morgue;
  • order of funeral homes and funeral brigade;
  • selection of musical accompaniment;
  • conduct of religious services;
  • transport ordering for family members, relatives and friends;
  • cemetery and the place of the funeral.

In addition, the ritual agent will be able to competently monitor directly the funeral, eliminating the problems arising in the process and inconsistencies. In the ritual Agency you can get the services of such an agent at any time of the day.

If the deceased is a foreign citizen

Our company will provide a helping hand in the process of organizing the collection of documents, notification of relatives, supporting through the authorities if the deceased is a foreign citizen. Also, if necessary, you will be provided with all possible assistance and support in the transport organization of the body back home. You can benefit from the full and comprehensive support of the agency staff. Our company will provide assistance in such areas:

  • the collection of documents;
  • notification of relatives;
  • supporting through the authorities.

It is also possible to provide advice to obtain a cover sheet for repatriation. If necessary, you will be provided with all possible assistance and support in transportation.

Employees of our funeral home relate with compassion and understanding to the grief of loved ones. Please do not hesitate to contact us on all questions. We are ready to undertake the solution of the majority of the questions connected with burial of the person close to you. More than twenty five years of experience allows us to provide funeral services of any level of complexity quickly and efficiently.

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