Rent of cottages in Karelia

Rent of cottages in Karelia Rent of cottages in Karelia

And so Karelia. Despite the fact that the Karelian region does not quite have a rest comparable to the rest in the south of our country, but Karelia bribes with its nature. After all, those who at least once visited the shore of Ladoga or visited the present pine forest, where the present age-old, ship pines grow, return to this region again and again. And it does not matter that in May the significant part of the lakes is still covered with ice, and you can get to Kizhi only by helicopter. But this is not the most important thing. The main thing is that here in Karelia you find yourself in some other world, connected with the distant past of the Karelians, Finns and Vepsians.

And if you really are going to visit this region, then among other things, decide where you will live. After all, even a short pastime in a five-star hotel room will not give you the full impression of Karelia if you lived in the middle of a pine forest in a small cottage with a small terrace and a roughly stacked fireplace in which pine logs crackle. In this case, as eyewitnesses say, in some cottages there is also a real Russian bath in which it is possible not badly, to have a drink and sit, "sipping" beer, in a warm company of friends, just a little in love with Karelia and its nature.

In addition, if you are going on this trip not alone, but a small and friendly company, then, as many travel companies' travels say, in Karelia you can rent a cottage not only for two or three people, but also for a more crowded company, up to and including ten, fifteen people. And as they say, in the same travel agencies there will be enough space for everyone.

No less remarkable moment of living in a rented cottage is the fact that worry about the availability of a minimum service of a civilized person is clearly not worth it. Since the presence of a European toilet, no less civilized shower room and kitchen equipped as well as your home is the default service. Although among some rented cottages there are unique specimens. In particular, in some of them, in addition to what has been said above, there are such excesses as a plasma TV that receives more than a dozen satellite TV, air conditioning and also several bicycles or pairs of skies depending on the season. So, if you are going to Karelia, to Kiev or Minsk: rent a car - Kiev, Boryspil - this is what you need.

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