Tourism and rest in Sochi for those who are not in a hurry anywhere

Not surprisingly, one of the pearls of the Krasnodar region and its Black Sea coast is the city of Sochi, which, according to many, who visited there at least once, is beautiful at any time of the year. Tourism for Sochi is bread, but for us and you an unforgettable vacation. In the summer, these are beautiful beaches and warm sea water with a rather not intrusive service in pretty good hotels. And in winter it is the magnificent snowy slopes of the Sochi mountains, where you can have a great time down on downhill skiing or skateboards.

However, the most beautiful time for an unforgettable holiday in Sochi is the so-called “velvet season”, when the southern sun is already burning, not as much as in July, and the sea warmed to a depth when, near the coastal strip, the water temperature does not drop below 20 degrees. Hotels, such as the 4-star Park Hotel Bogatyr, are still welcome to the city’s guests. And all sort of as usual, just somehow vanity of smaller …

It should be noted that a few sleeping guests of the city, makes any Sochi promenade or visit a cafe or restaurant, less fussy and pleasant. In addition, during this period, many Sochi tourist operators offer their clients to participate in the program, like the Open South, within which you can not only relax, but also improve your health. And if your upcoming vacation is planned in Sochi and it is for the “velvet” season, this program offers you quite substantial discounts on the cost of tourist tours to this pearl of the Black Sea coast of the Krasnodar Territory.

In particular, it offers you to relax in the same sanatorium “South Vzmorye” where there are hotel rooms as an economy class, for family holidays from several people, and the opportunity to relax in luxurious “extra” class rooms in which, apart from magnificent furniture, there are other attributes of modern hotel service. And this is a widescreen plasma TV, air conditioning system, as well as a well-stocked mini bar with the most exquisite drinks. At the same time the sanatorium has a modern concert hall, in which many stars of domestic and foreign stage perform.

And if you plan to rest in Sochi in a more “civilized” environment, then within the framework of the program “Open South 2014-2015” with a decent discount you can buy tours to the luxurious sanatorium “Rus”, which is located in the Central area of ​​the city and here you can have the opportunity to spend their leisure time not only in the park area of ​​the sanatorium, but also to attend all the entertainment events held in the city. So, if your next vacation falls on the autumn-winter period, do not hesitate to Sochi – this is your city, where the world will seem to you more beautiful …

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