Rest in september

Rest in september

It's unlikely that you will meet a person on the street who does not tell you what the holiday is associated with in September. First of all, with a warm sea and not hot days. Not for nothing this season is called the velvet season. After all, by this time the sea is warming up to a maximum, and the sun does not bake as it should in July or August. In addition, there are fewer people on the beaches, which makes rest more calm.

A good holiday in September offers a number of countries

Tourists, who often visit the countries of the Mediterranean and Black Seas, know that it is best to go here for vacation in September. Especially it concerns Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Greece and many others, it is in September, here you can have a good rest. Take, for example, Montenegro, here you will have a great rest on the Adriatic coast. After all, Montenegro is the most southern country that was formed after the break-up of Yugoslavia. On the beaches of this country you can safely sunbathe until October.

If someone does not like Montenegro, and he still asks where to rest in September? That such tourists can offer a trip to the southern coast of Italy or to Greece. Here in September you can also have a very good rest. As for Greece, then in September it is best to rest on the mainland or on the island of Crete. This is due to the fact that on small islands in the autumn months can be very windy.

Where to go on holiday in September?

Many tourists, especially those who travel a lot and visit different countries, know where to go in September to rest. And they can tell you that it can be useful not only rest on the sea, in September you can also go to balneological resorts where you can improve your health. In addition, experts argue that it is during this period that treatment can be much more effective than in the summer. A lot of thermal springs are in Bulgaria, Italy, Slovenia.

For those who do not want to go abroad for vacation, you can advise the Russian resorts located on the Black Sea coast. We do not know whether it is possible to advise a holiday with a child in September at the Black Sea resorts, but that adults will feel comfortable here until October, you can be sure of this one hundred percent. Those who arrive in Sochi, Anapa, Gelendzhik and many other southern resorts of Russia in the fall, will feel how water can be warmer than air.

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