Rest in october

Rest in october

Off-season, this is one of the critical moments in the activities of almost all travel agencies that try to keep the ends meet and not be left at a loss with a minimal number of clients. At the same time, rest in October falls into this critical period of recreation, when so-called "burning" tours simply abound in this market.

"Last minute tours" and rest in October: be careful

One of the peculiarities of our human nature is a certain definite desire to save as much as possible on certain services or goods, which we know in advance that are much more expensive. This is the case when some comrades buy an apartment from little-known realtors who have been rented for only two weeks by the real owners. And during this time they managed to take an advance payment from at least ten potential buyers.

Approximately similar option is the sale of a stolen car with interrupted numbers. And there are a lot of such examples in criminal practice. Are not an exception and travel companies that are on the verge of their bankruptcy offer their clients travel packages at bargain prices. So, if you are offered a "burning" holiday package in October, then be careful and careful.

Rest on the sea in October

In particular, the most common types of this type of fraud are the options, when the settlement in the hotel does not correspond to the level of the hotel, declared in the terms of the contract. It should be remembered that five-star hotels do not offer "burning" permits. In addition, rest on the sea in October in this or that hotel will cost a little more than what was stated when buying the tour. And the difference will have to pay extra at the place of stay.

The less common type of fraud in the tourism sector is the lack of paid, return tickets needed to return to their homeland. However, if you are planning a holiday with a child in October, for example, in Turkey or Croatia on a "burning" ticket, then think about whether to risk the health and nerves of the child.

The most critical "hot" tours

Proceeding from the existing practice of some domestic travel agencies, when deciding where to go in October, it is worth noting that the most often "burning" packages with certain risks are most often related to countries such as Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Croatia and Bulgaria. With this in mind, if you are planning where to rest in October, contact the travel agencies that you can really trust.

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