Rest in november

Rest in november

There are people who are able to make themselves a stunning holiday in November ... The last autumn month carries a cool and a lot of rain. At this time, the resorts usually close, and excursions do not bring pleasure. At this time, you want to take cover with a blanket and put on warm clothes.

Tours for holidays in November

Talking about the November holiday in Egypt, immediately means beach vacation. It should be noted that it is in November that there is no terrible heat, but the weather is still good and warm. The sea is just perfect. After all for three months of summer it well warmed up. The price of tours in the last month of autumn is decreasing, and tourists in Egypt will be less.

Rest in November can also be held in more elite places, for example at the resorts of Sharm-al-Sheikh or Dahab. It is here that tourists can enjoy not only a great beach holiday, but also beautiful scenery. By the way, at the resorts you can go diving or go boating.

Where to rest in November

For fans of deserts, November will be just an ideal time. This month is great for exploring the deserts. Safari in the desert is best done in the last month of autumn, because thirst will not torment, and it will be possible to avoid the summer heat. The weather will be excellent, because a light breeze will blow. By the way, on safari it is better to take glasses and a hat.

On the question of where to rest in November, you can safely answer: in Cyprus. It is this place with every year is gaining increasing popularity among tourists. In Cyprus in November will be great weather. At this time, there are guided tours, and the sea is very warm. Despite the fact that the rain at this time is more, holidaymakers here are not getting any less.

Rest on the sea in November

If you decide to spend a holiday in November at sea, safely go to Goa. It is here that the season opens in November. While the resorts of Europe are closed and cease to be of interest to tourists, you will be welcomed to Goa. In November, the air temperature will be such that you can safely sunbathe, swim and not be afraid of rain.

November is considered to be the start for the season of tourists, therefore, it's worth forgetting about the bad weather. At this time, Goa hosts a large number of various festivals and celebrations. By the way, the Children's Day is celebrated here, and therefore, you can safely plan a holiday in November with a child.


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