River of the books in Melbourne

River of the books in Melbourne River of the books in Melbourne

Several thousand fireflies-books have been dammed streets of Melbourne, do not allow the passage of pedestrians and passing motorists. They like Silent asked others not to rush to stop, to think and to look through the book. This is not very conventional installation under the title Literature VS Traffic creative team Luzinterruptus tried to draw more attention to every resident of the city of reading.

River of the books in Melbourne 2

In recent years, the number of those who are passionate about reading process is significantly reduced, sadly shaking their heads, scientists, university professors, school teachers and even the parents of the younger generation. Most prefer to to spend more time at the computer monitor, hovering in the social networks and games online, while others just are not enough time to read books, because all persons covered by the work.

River of the books in Melbourne 3

Therefore, the initiative group of people who have the creativity that came together in the studio Luzinterruptus gathered a mountain of different literature, spreading it on the territory of the central avenues of the city sidewalks and large, at least to a certain number of days of the literature failed to win car traffic.

River of the books in Melbourne 4

Volunteers from the number of those. who lives in Melbourne, provided substantial assistance in the collection of books and the organization of this intellectual installation, but the main part of the city have donated literature library, and the Salvation Army.

River of the books in Melbourne 5

A few days on the streets of Melbourne sported glowing river of books, and it was possible to observe with surprise how people strolled along this wealth, flipping, turning and looking at books. At the end of the project they liked Tomiki anyone could take home with them, and in an inappropriate amount.

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